The Algonquin

Image: Foursquare/Blue Bar
EVERY DAY: 11:30 A.M. - 1 A.M.
212.840.6800 | WEBSITE

There are two spaces to sit and drink at the Algonquin, both served by the same bar. If you’re looking for a more involved cocktail experience, the Blue Bar is the move—the bartenders are among the city’s friendliest, always up for a where-ya-from chat and well-skilled at the art of the bartender’s choice. But for the full experience, the lobby lounge, with its overstuffed Edwardian furniture and unsurpassed Christmas decorations in December, is the place to be. Once home to the Round Table of 1920s literati, the Algonquin will seat Dorothy Parker pilgrims who ask nicely at the table that sits beneath a painting of Dottie and her crew.

Known For
  • historic
  • hotel bar
What to drink
A Martini, of course – two at the most (words of wisdom, Mrs. Parker). Skip the house cocktails and go straight to the bartender if you want to branch out.
Midtown West
Keep an eye out for Matilda, the latest in a line of cats (that have been kept since 1930) who act as part mascot, part hostess and have their run of the hotel’s public spaces. She’s even got her own Facebook page and email address, in case you want to keep in touch.