The Stud

Image: Yelp/Keith S.
CLOSED MONDAY | TUESDAY: 12 P.M. - 2 A.M. | WEDNESDAY: 5 P.M. - 2 A.M. | THURSDAY - FRIDAY: 5 P.M. - 3 A.M. | SATURDAY: 5 P.M. - 2 A.M. | SUNDAY: 5 P.M. - 12 P.M.
415.863.6623 | WEBSITE

What saves the Stud from being a run-of-the-mill SOMA bar is its focus on the LGBT population’s subcultures. Some Thing, the ingenious weekly drag party, draws a huge crowd by putting on two or three themed shows each Friday night. It’s a veritable who’s-who of the SF drag scene, from the nationally famous to the newbie queens lip-syncing for their lives. While the art-ravaged, the painfully hip and the only-seen-at-night spill out the door into the back alley. Furry parties, goth nights and disco rule the other nights.

Known For
  • dancing
  • live music
What to drink
The Stud is a dive bar without much in the way of fancy cocktails, so beer and mixed drinks it is.
This is a great place to let your freak flag fly; you can never be too artfully overdressed.