Tonga Hut

Image: Tonga Hut
EVERY DAY: 4 P.M. - 2 A.M.
818.769.0708 | WEBSITE

You can’t talk about the LA bar scene without talking about tiki, and you can’t talk about tiki without talking about the Tonga Hut, which remains the oldest LA tiki bar in operation.  It opened in 1958 when the tiki scene was still going strong, and though there were a few awkward years in between, new owners took over in 2005 and restored the Tonga Hut to its original glory.

Known For
  • jukebox
  • historic
  • tiki
What to drink
The bartenders here know what they’re doing, so you’d be smart to order a chalkboard special. Or try the Bermuda Dunes, a blend of gold and silver rums, citrus, almond and allspice.
North Hollywood