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Welcome to PUNCH.

We’re an online magazine in collaboration with Ten Speed Press focused on narrative journalism—both written and visual—about wine, spirits and cocktails.

Like so many who’ve made a career out of drinking drinks, we fell in love with wine, spirits and cocktails because they weren’t just another way to catch a buzz, but a means to discover the sense of “place” psychologically ingrained into a region over centuries—or a peek into a specific era and its ambitions. In America, our invention of the cocktail may not have the sanction of ages that Europe’s history with wine has, but guess what: Our early penchant for mixing wines and spirits, tossing them in a glass and turning it into entertainment—it’s uniquely ours. Grumpy onlookers might call it adulteration; we’d call it the very spirit of reinvention and experimentation that has come to define America itself.

Our goal is to capture the ethos that’s driving drinks forward: the connection of beverage to tradition and place, the passion to innovate and yes—fun. We also believe that the wine, cocktail and spirits worlds share more in common than they probably realize. We want to bring them together and shine a light on the many places where their values are entwined.

While stories are the core of the PUNCH vision, we’re also bent on becoming a one-stop font for everything from drinks-related travel to mixing the perfect Manhattan. So we’ve built a library of editor-tested cocktail recipes and an A-Z guide to drink. We hope you like it.

EDITOR IN CHIEF | Talia Baiocchi 
MANAGING EDITOR | Bianca Mattam Prum

[Illustration: Kaye Blegvad]

The Punch A-Z

Hard Shake

(v.) A highly choreographed and controversial version of the hand shake said to increase emulsification, texture and quality of ice chips that float on a shaken and poured cocktail. Developed in Japan by bartender Kazuo Uyeda, the process involves rapidly moving a filled cocktail shaker held at a precise angle through three separate points relative […]

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