John Deragon and Jim Meehan's New Jersey apple brandy-based twist on the Brooklyn cocktail.

Voodoo Down

Named after the Miles Davis song of the same name, Voodoo Down was born from an attempt to create a food-friendly Whiskey Sour.

Smoked Tomato

Matthew Biancaniello pairs St-Germain with elements pulled directly from the dinner table.

Keystone Highball

Momose's take on the dinner cocktail calls on whiskey and St-Germain in a highball format.

Peppermint Bark Eggnog

Tom Macy’s single-serve riff on eggnog blends flavors of chocolate and mint with rum and Cognac.

Coquito Ho Ho

This take on Puerto Rican coquito builds on a base of reposado tequila and oloroso sherry.

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