Jelani Johnson’s Mojito

Jelani Johnson's take on the classic took the top spot in our recent blind Mojito tasting.

City Island Colada

This simple drink combines equal parts Hennessy VS, Coco Lopez and pineapple juice.

Paul McGee’s Fog Cutter

With three different base spirits, bright citrus and oxidative sherry, the original Fog Cutter can often come off as disjointed, but Paul McGee brings it into relief by tilting the axis of the drink even more towards rum.

Tan Line Spritz

This spritz, built on dry vermouth, Capaletti and watermelon juice, is topped with prosecco and garnished with a pinch of salt.

Margarita Verde

In this take on the classic cocktail, Stacey Swenson combines tequila, Salers and lime juice with a garden cordial made from fresh greens.

Japanese Plum Highball

This riff on the Japanese whisky highball combines Becherovka with plum cordial and a dash of umeboshi vinegar.