Harvey Girl

Rhachel Shaw's swizzle riff combines sage-infused vermouth, pineapple, chamomile and smoky rhubarb amaro.

Antrim Cocktail

Seeking a more consistent mouthfeel and flavor, Selma Slabiak introduced orange bitters, gomme syrup and a lemon twist to the Antrim Cocktail.

Daiquiri Menta

This straightforward blended mint Daiquiri, consisting of rum, lime, sugar and mint, is equally at home in New Orleans as it is in Havana.

Eponine Collins

A French-inflected Collins from bar manager Sarah Morrissey at the newly opened Frenchette builds on a base of gin, complemented by Suze and Amaro Montenegro alongside both grapefruit and lemon juice.

Hideaway Honey

An aquavit- and yogurt-laced cocktail which will star on the menu at the forthcoming Raised by Wolves.

Prince Henry Punch

Here, aged rum and blanc rhum agricole mingle with green Chartreuse, lime and raspberry, all served over a mountain of crushed ice.

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