Toby Cecchini’s Gin and Tonic

Toby Cecchini's take on the classic Gin & Tonic calls for Tanqueray and Schweppes and a slightly unorthodox preparation.

Bizzy Izzy Highball

“It’s a wonderful cocktail, but it also strikes me as a fairly modern cocktail,” says Al Sotack of the rye- and sherry-based highball.

Nova Scotia

Building on Scotch whisky, yellow Chartreuse and orange bitters, this Scotch-based Alaska variation is designed for summer.

Curdled Colada

Team Lyan’s on the classic Piña Colada reimagines the creamy classic as a clear, bubbly long drink.

Crystal Visions

This crisp, white wine spritz gets a floral hit from St-Germain, while Salers and fennel liqueur counter with vegetal notes.

Sakura Colada

This equally refreshing and decadent drink marries the botanicals of gin with kirsch, coconut milk and red bean paste.