A Brooklyn Wine List Tracks the Jewish Diaspora

A wine list isn’t the typical forum for addressing complex issues of history, heritage and culture. But at Brooklyn’s Shalom Japan—where the list tracks the historic flow of the Jewish diaspora—it’s exactly that.

Making Peace in the War on Vodka

Vodka has become the contentious spirit at the center of a cocktail culture war. On one side: the vodka drinkers, derided as incurious rubes. On the other: the cocktail enthusiasts, mocked as pretentious poseurs. Will Gordon gets to the heart of it and calls for a truce.

Drinking with Scandal’s Olivia Pope

Scandal‘s Olivia Pope drinks expensive red wine. Lots of it. Jennifer Cacicio explores wine’s role as a symbol of power, knowledge and family and why it’s become a key part of Kerry Washington’s character on the hit ABC show.

The Ads That Shaped American Beer Marketing

Adam Houghtaling explores the post-WWII marketing campaign "Beer Belongs" and the influence it still extends over modern beer advertising—from Anheuser-Busch's “Know When to Say When” to Heineken's recent "Dance More, Drink Slow" ads.
steve wildy sommelier vetri

That Wine Lyfe: Steve Wildy of the Vetri Family, Philadelphia

America’s sommeliers have access to some of the best wines in the world. But what are they drinking off duty? Welcome to “That Wine Lyfe,” the drink diary of wine pros.

fran's nashville karaoke bar

Inside Nashville’s Dueling Karaoke Scenes

In a city that is changing rapidly, a vibrant karaoke scene—both glitzy and gritty, complete with Ed Hardy ensembles, scrunchie-wearing divas and Bud tallboys—is helping keep Nashville’s music culture alive.

Meet the Fizzes

The ideal end to a long day of manual (or mental) labor, or a morning Rx after a night of tying on one too many, the fizz family of frothy drinks are meant to be slurped. Meet five of the classics. (Slideshow ahead →)

The Fox, the Hound & a Bottle of Port

The ritual of toasting with port before a fox hunt dates back to the 17th century and remains an integral part of the modern-day sport. Lora Smith joins a hunt at Tennessee's Blackberry Farm to examine the tradition's roots, as well as the connection between the art of the hunt and the allure of wine.
lawless cocktail

Whiskey & Tobacco, Together at Last in One Glass

In an effort to recreate the time-honored ritual of smoking and drinking, Stephanie Teslar, of Phoenix’s Blue Hound, has begun ingeniously smoking cocktail glasses with tobacco.

jungle juice solo cup parking lot

The Twisted History of Jungle Juice

Jungle juice has many names, but only one common language: extreme intoxication. Kenzi Wilbur digs into the crooked oral tradition that has led America’s firewater from the jungles of the Southwest Pacific during WWII to college trashcans around the country.

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A quantifiable amount of time between a product’s creation and either its on-sale date or consumption. For spirits, age is generally calculated by the amount of time the product spends in barrels or tanks (e.g. a 21-year-old bourbon will have been stored in barrels for at least 21 years before it reaches the market)…

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