The Third Wave Coffee Shop Adopts Cocktails

From Washington, D.C. to Phoenix to New York City, there’s a proliferation of coffee shops living double lives as cocktail bars. Nevin Martell gets behind the trend to understand why these geeky worlds are joining forces.

American “Nouveau” Wines Have Arrived

To most Americans, Beaujolais Nouveau is synonymous with the mass-produced wines of Georges Duboeuf. But in recent years, it’s been reimagined by Beaujolais icons like Jean Foillard, inspiring a crop of U.S. winemakers to follow suit. Zachary Sussman on the rise of America’s own nouveau tradition.

The PUNCH Guide to Boston

Boston is a city of contradictions. Home to more higher learning than any other American city, Boston is a college town, but it’s perhaps equally known for its blue-collar culture. And what’s the one thing that students and townies have in common? [...]

Looking for Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Los Angeles

Painter, proto-drag queen and mouthpiece of Montmartre’s Belle Époque bohemians, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec understood the beauty of a city’s underbelly. For his 150th birthday, one writer looks for Lautrec’s spirit in the seedy dive bars of Playa del Rey.

The PUNCH Guide to London

In 1731, when James Ashley opened the “London Coffee House and Punch House” on Ludgate Hill near St Paul’s Cathedral, his pioneering spirit and love for rum, brandy and arrack-based punches launched him as the world’s first celebrity bartender [...]
the carry on cocktail kit

Introducing the W&P and PUNCH Carry On Cocktail Kit

As a prelude to the launch of our brand-new PUNCH City Guides section tomorrow, we’ve collaborated to bring you a pocket-sized tin filled will everything all you need to whip up two Old-Fashioneds at 30,000 feet.

ed anderson rhum punch slanted door

Five Cocktails from The Slanted Door Cookbook

Built on a melding of bi-coastal influences—from the Bay Area’s conscious sourcing to New York’s obsession with technique—The Slanted Door’s bar program remains an ageless beacon for San Francisco cocktailing. Here are five recipes from the restaurant’s brand new cookbook.

PUNCH City Guides: Come Drink Your Way Around the World

Take a sneak peek at the trailer for PUNCH City Guides, our brand new city-by-city guide to drinking around the world.

Gonzo Vodka: Drinking a Bit of Hunter S. Thompson

Woody Creek, Colorado, is an enclave of leftist hippies and the home of late Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Now it has its own distillery making "farm-to-flask" vodka, which, it turns out, is about the closest thing you'll get to having a drink with HST.
martini daniel krieger

The Martini Is Dead, Long Live the Martini

Once upon a time, the Martini was an indicator of sophistication. But with the late ’90s and early aughts’ appropriation of all things “‘tini,” its fate became uncertain. Has it finally been replaced, or is it entering a second golden age?

alex day chapter and verse cocktail lab

The LA Cocktail Lab Fueling America’s Best Bars

Alex Day, one of the minds behind a handful of NYC and LA bars, works in a cocktail lair outfitted like something from Willy Wonka’s factory. Jennifer Cacicio and Dylan + Jeni dive into the lab and Day’s process.

The Punch A-Z

Lump Ice

(n.): A chunk of ice made by cracking apart an ice block. Though it has aesthetic charm when served in a drink, lump ice is often broken down further into crushed ice. Note that many old cocktail books call for lump ice in their recipes, though it is unclear what dimensions the ice should be.

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