A Complete Tour of Manhattan, Led by a Manhattan Cocktail

How does all that Manhattan get into the Manhattan? We trailed one little guy from the Freedom Tower to Wall Street to Times Square to find out. Behold, a tour of Manhattan from the point of view of a Manhattan cocktail.

The Newest Bartender Obsession: Mellow Corn

Previously unknown outside of Kentucky, Mellow Corn has become the latest bartender obsession—thanks, in large part, to its hokey label. Robert Simonson gets behind the rise of a classic corn whiskey underdog.

Three Forgotten Classic Sherry Cocktails, Rediscovered

Sherry’s revival has unearthed a canon of forgotten sherry cocktails. But there are still classics whose delights have yet to be rediscovered. Here are three from Sherry, Talia Baiocchi’s ode to Andalusia and its wines.

Jeans and Blue-Chip Wines Collide at NYC's Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Welcome to "The List," a column exploring the country's most notable wine lists. This week, New York columnist Zachary Sussman visits Aldo Sohm Wine Bar to find out what "casual" means to the team behind three Michelin-starred Le Bernardin.

What Does Mise en Place Mean in Cocktail Bars?

Increasingly complicated cocktails require increasingly complicated preparation behind the bar. Carey Jones takes a look at how bartenders have borrowed the concept of mise en place from chefs and clubs to speed things up—and keep them in place.

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Are New York’s Restaurant Bars Really That Bad?

New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells recently lamented restaurants’ eagerness to create proprietary drinks, most of which he thinks fall short. Is it true that the city is amidst a dark age of cocktailing at restaurants? Regan Hofmann explores.

Masculinity, Hipsters and the Miller High Life Man

Between 1998 and 2005, director Errol Morris created over 100 ads for Miller High Life aimed at rebranding the beer as a symbol of American masculinity. Adam Houghtaling on the enduring influence of the High Life Man message in the millennial era.

Scotch Takes a Hint from Bourbon

In the wake of Scotland's vote for independence, the country is caught between past and present more than ever. Alia Akkam considers what this break from tradition means for Scotch, and how the centuries-old industry is vying for younger, savvier drinkers.
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Inside Natural Wine’s New Eurasian Boomtown

Over the last decade, the Republic of Georgia—one of the world’s oldest winemaking countries—has become an unlikely darling of the natural wine community. Alice Feiring visits the small hilltop town that’s become ground zero for the rebirth of traditional Georgian winemaking.


Crowd Control: A History of Bar Etiquette

Drinking in bars often requires a code of conduct to keep inebriation in balance with hospitality. Dan Saltzstein takes a look at bar etiquette and its role throughout the ages, from the days of saloon spittoons to the era of faux-speakeasy house rules.

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(n.) A spirit produced illegally in the United States, true moonshine can be distilled from any fruits, grains or sugars—the key is the illegality of the production, with the name thought to be a reference to something done in the cover of night by the light of the moon. In general, most moonshine is high […]

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