The PUNCH Guide to Singapore

Three years ago, Tiger Beer was still unchallenged as Singapore’s drink of choice. But the easy-drinking lager has since faced competition from a boom of craft cocktail bars and an influx of young, hungry wine talent, both of which are disrupting the balmy island’s status quo.

How Shotgunning Got Its Very Own Ambassador

More than 200 days ago, Aaron Semmel vowed to shotgun a beer every day for a year and document it on Instagram. Drew Lazor on the possible origins of the beer-chugging ritual, and its new ambassador.

The Life and Death of the American Pool Hall

Once a game of high society, pool—and the oft-demonized pool hall—have experienced a muddled history in both pop culture and real life. Sarah Baird on how the bad boy of barrooms is aging in 21st-century America.

Eight Strong and Stirred Winter Cocktail Recipes

With their jewel-colored liqueurs and strong spirits, stirred drinks are the mascot cocktails of the winter months. Here are a handful of recipes—for drinks both muscular and elegant—to help you beat the cold.

How the Espresso Martini Became a National Obsession in Australia

Left behind by American bartenders and drinkers as a relic of the Dark Ages of the Cocktail, the Espresso Martini has always had a home in Australia. Fred Siggins on why an entire continent is still obsessed with this 1980s drink from the UK.
bundaberg rum queensland australia

The Vegemite of Australian Spirits: Bundaberg Rum

The unofficial national spirit of Australia, Bundaberg rum has, for over 120 years, been a beloved expression of the country’s own oddball nature. Bridget Kirkwood on the how “Bundy” is tangled up with Australian history and identity.

bar design speakeasy sign

Bar Design in the Post-Speakeasy Era

Over the last 15 years “speakeasy” has become synonymous with “cocktail bar.” Now that the aesthetic has run its course, bar owners and designers are charged with redefining what the cocktail bar looks like. Christopher Ross on design in the post-speakeasy era.

The PUNCH Guide to Tokyo

Half the fun of drinking in Tokyo is navigating the city's dense interior, where some of the best bars are tucked away in unimpressive buildings and down side-street alleys. Hidden within the bowels of this glittering, Technicolor maze you'll find everything from serious natural wine bars to tachinomi to izakaya dens to some of the world's best cocktail bars.

The Strange Paradox That Is Drinking in Dubai

Dubai is notorious for its paradoxical drinking culture, which is equal parts prohibitionist and over-the-top. Andrew Madigan on his year spent working as a Guinness taste-tester in the city's bars and clubs.
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Can Food and Cocktails Really Pair Well?

Cocktail programs at restaurants have become ubiquitous, so why are cocktail pairings still relatively rare? Dan Saltzstein on the challenges of matching food and cocktails, and how to navigate them.


Preservation Cocktails: DIY Winter Shrubs

Born from the ancient Muslim sherbet, shrubs have come back into vogue as not only a cocktail ingredient, but a way to preserve produce through the entirety of a season. Michael Dietsch offers a few winter recipes built to last through the rough months ahead.

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(n.) Brandy is a spirit distilled from fermented fruit juice or fruits. Though most commonly associated with the French wine-based distillates of Cognac and Armagnac, the broad category includes Calvados (apples), grappa (grape pomace), eau de vie (various fruits), Kirschwasser (cherries) and many more. Today, the legal definition of brandy states that it must be […]

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