Five Fictional Cocktails Reimagined By Real Bartenders

Hollywood has always been a cocktail town, so it was only a matter of time before the drinks trickled into the movies and vice versa. The stories behind five fictional cocktails—from Twin Peaks to Star Trek—made real by some of America’s best bartenders.

Besties: Meet New York City’s Tiki Pirates

Welcome to the 2015 “Besties Guest Bartending Series,” a monthly event and column in collaboration with Momofuku featuring two bartenders who’ve inspired each other’s work. First up: tiki pirates Brian Miller and Ryan Liloia on eyeliner, Harry Belafonte and desert-island drinks.

Spirit Chasers: Why Big Beer Can’t Resist the Cocktail

Following the massive success of Lime-A-Rita, a new crop of Big Beer “cocktails”—from the tequila-flavored Desperados to Bud Light’s new MIXXTAILS—is hoping to ride the coattails of the cocktail renaissance. Will it work?

Peru vs. Chile and the Big Sour Over Pisco

Pisco Elqui, a Chilean town tucked in the shadow of the Andes, has become symbolic of the struggle between Chile and Peru to claim ownership of pisco. Mark Johanson on the big sour over pisco, and the divergent styles the battle has produced.

Tom Bullock and the Forgotten Legacy of African American Bartenders

In the midst of the cocktail renaissance, the forgotten history of America's most influential African American bartenders is finally being revived. Chantal Martineau on the first black cocktail book author, his predecessors and their joint legacy.
barmini vintage glassware

Specialty Glassware As the New Garnish

Until recently, drinkware has been a largely predictable affair. But amidst the cocktail renaissance, bars are using drinking vessels—be it a vintage coupe, a light bulb or a bespoke tiki mug—to alter the drinker’s expectations.

rosemary gin and tonic daniel krieger

Put An Herb on It: Five Aromatic Winter Cocktails

From sage to thyme to rosemary to juniper, winter’s hearty herbs are built to be mixed with booze. Here are five cocktail recipes that celebrate the season’s aromatic greenery.

Inside Moscow's Secret Supper Clubs

While supper clubs have become a familiar novelty—a punch line, even—in American cities, in Russia secret drinking and dining groups nod to an evolving culinary movement and a restrictive past. Rachel Barth on Moscow's Stay Hungry.

The Rebirth of Truly Local American Craft Whiskey

Until recently, American distillers had largely forgotten the art of malting their own local and heritage grains. Kara Newman on the rebirth of proprietary malting floors and how it's changing the character of American craft whiskey.
italian restaurants with great champagne illustration

How Champagne Snuck onto New York’s Italian Wine Lists

Welcome to “The List,” a column exploring the country’s most notable wine lists. This week, Zachary Sussman on why some of NYC’s Italian restaurants—notably Marta and Maialino—are among the city’s top destinations for Champagne.

hollywood famous pool pool parties

Seeking Old Hollywood’s Pool Party Glamour

Where have all the glamorous poolside parties of Old Hollywood gone? Sarah Amandolare dips into a number of Los Angeles pools searching for remnants of the star-studded, Martini-fueled fêtes of another era.

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