Drink Tank: Cindy Loughridge, Photographer | San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Drink Tank, a week-in-the-life peek of creative drinkers across Instagram. Each week PUNCH follows a photographer, writer, winemaker or bartender from bar to bar to bar.

Redefining What “Made in Hawaii” Means

The 50th state has had a complicated relationship with commercial agriculture for decades, but a crop of new spirits made from local produce is offering a fresh vision of what “Made in Hawaii” could mean.

Five Reasons to Break Out the Muddler

There are few drinks categories more synonymous with embracing the bounty of late summer than the muddled cocktail. From the smash to the cobbler to the Bramble, here are five drinks to keep you connected to the last bit of the season.

Unearthing China's Ancient Terroir in Maotai

China's traditional grain spirit, baijiu, has evolved—mostly in obscurity—along a trajectory that has no Western equivalent. Derek Sandhaus travels to one of its most famous production zones to discover why this peculiar drink has suddenly gained international acclaim, and why it can't be replicated anywhere else.
wine cellar secret wine list paris

Paris’s Secret Natural Wine Lists

In order to discourage “cherry pickers”—those guests that plunder a wine list for its rarest bottles—many of Paris’s wine destinations have an unspoken rule: Don’t put those bottles on the menu. Aaron Ayscough explores how demand for natural wines has given birth to a collection of secret wine lists.


Hacking Galliano in 1970s Tucson

In a 1978 Tucson community cookbook, Autumn Giles stumbles upon a DIY recipe for Galliano—the Italian liqueur that defined a moment in 1970s drinking—and simultaneously unlocks a trove of odd midcentury homemaker secrets.

Back to the Land: Vermont's Homegrown Spirits Boom

In an isolated corner of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom was once a center for American industry. Now a cradle of agriculture and seasonal tourism, the region has harnessed its bounty to create a new kind of market—one of truly local spirits.

Drinker's Market: Boylan Heritage Tonic Edition

Tonic has long been inseparable from its classic companion, gin. But a new wave of quinine-based syrups and sodas have proven just how versatile a good tonic can be. Here are five cocktails that break the traditional G & T mold.
islamabad smoking illustration lawrence osborne peregine honig

In Search of a Bar in Islamabad

While traveling on assignment to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, Lawrence Osborne seeks out one of the city’s more risky evening activities—drinking—and discovers that in this religious and dangerous city of one million inhabitants, the number of bars can be counted on one hand.

parasol's new orleans illustration john tebeau

Finding the Real NOLA in a Neighborhood Bar

Welcome to “About a Bar,” a column that explores America’s most notable bars and cocktail programs. Today: New Orleans oddball, Parasol’s.

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(n.) Before the single-serve cocktail became popular, mixed drinks were made in large-format style, called punch, and served in bowls. Classic examples of the category contain a variation on five ingredients: spirits, sugar, water, spice and citrus. Some speculate that punch originated with expats in India as a way to mask the flavor of inferior […]

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