Five Cocktails Made for Daytime Drinking

The art of daytime drinking, long a cultural mainstay in Europe, has become more prevalent stateside in recent years. Here, five cocktails made for midday, from a sherry-strawberry highball to a swizzle straight out of New Orleans.

Sh*t We Found on eBay: The Tiniest Bar You’ve Ever Seen

Welcome to “Shit We Found on eBay,” wherein we plumb the depths of the consumer-to-consumer marketplace to find the weirdest collectibles related to drinking—and then give them away. This round: a miniature bar hiding six antique cocktail picks.

What is the Quintessential Summer Red Wine?

Light red wines have become increasingly fashionable of late, especially in the heat of summer, when it’s only fitting to throw the bottles on ice. Jon Bonné on what makes for an ideal summer red, plus a showdown of the PUNCH team’s favorite chillable picks.

Where Did the Tiny Beer Come From?

Known as the “pony,” the seven-ounce bottle usually filled with commercial-grade beer has been appearing lately at bars both high and low. Megan Krigbaum on the origins—and wide-reaching, enduring appeal—of the tiny beer.

Bringing it Back Bar: What to Do with Punt e Mes

In “Bringing It Back Bar,” we shine a light on overlooked bottles and devise recipes to take them from back bar to front shelf. Up now: the bittersweet Italian vermouth, Punt e Mes.

Our Best Recipes for Day Drinking

Refreshing and sessionable, here are our favorite cocktails for day drinking.
Martini Glass

The Life and Death of the Martini Glass

Perhaps the most iconic glass shape in the history of cocktails, the angular Martini glass has deep roots in the American imagination—despite being widely loathed by today’s bartenders. Lizzie Munro on the rise and fall of the drink world’s most recognizable symbol and what it represents today.

Pisco Sour Recipe

Five Riffs on Classic Summer Cocktails

Five bartenders play with five go-to summer drinks—from the Paloma to the G&T—for unorthodox but welcome variations that may just become new classics.

How Well Do You Actually Know the Buck?

A versatile blend of spirit, ginger beer and citrus, the buck is among the simplest and most famous of drink categories. Here, get to know the buck in three classic recipes—the Dark 'n' Stormy and Moscow Mule among them—and their modern interpretations.

A Brief Guide to Wine Bottle Design

Wine bottles come in a set spectrum of subtly different, yet instantly recognizable, shapes. But why? Jennifer Fiedler on the stories behind wine's most iconic bottles, plus a few renegade designs to look out for.
Pet Nat Wine

Crib Sheet: Your Guide to American Pét-Nat

Welcome to “Crib Sheet,” your monthly shortcut to what’s hot in wine right now, in four bottles, courtesy of Jon Bonné. This month: a look at the boom of American pét-nat.

sommelier challenge illustration

Welcome to “Possibly Useful Wine Questions”

Welcome to “Possibly Useful Wine Questions” (PUWQ), in which we ask sommeliers to pick wines for some unconventional situations. This round, East Coast vs. West Coast: Amanda Smeltz and Eric Railsback share their favorite wines to serve over ice, the best bargain non-Champagne and the two bottles they’d drink forever and ever.

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(n.): A sweet almond-based syrup flavored with orange flower water. French in origin, it is used as a cocktail mixer in many classic drinks, such as the Mai Tai, the Scorpion and the Japanese Cocktail. As commercial versions can be laden with high-fructose corn syrup and lack the slightly creamy texture of the best versions, […]

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