The Weird World of Wine and Spirits Vaping

As the multi-billion-dollar e-cigarette business continues to come of age, a subculture of “vaping” flavors and production methods are taking cues from both wine and spirits. Jennifer Cacicio on everything from vape and wine pairing websites to “aged” e-liquids.

This Weekend’s Breeders’ Cup, in Cocktails

While each of the Triple Crown races has a signature cocktail, the tradition has somehow eluded the Breeders’ Cup. Peter Fornatale takes a look back at the history of booze and racing, and offers three drinks from his book Brooklyn Spirits for 2014’s race.

PUNCH Turns One: A Look Back at Our Favorite Stories

A year into PUNCH, we’re honored to have seen so many incredible stories, photographs and videos cross our desks. In honor of our first birthday, here’s a look at some of our favorites from the past year.

The Art of the Unmeasured Cocktail

Sometimes, the beauty of an experimental or intuitively measured cocktail lies in its irretrievability. Nicholas Hall on living outside of ratios and formulas and in the moment of the "splash drink."

Is Flavored Whiskey a Threat to Hardcore Whiskey Drinkers?

Cherry, blackberry, honey—over the past few years, flavors usually associated with cough drops have snuck into American whiskey. Drew Lazor surveys the scene to find out how flavored whiskey is impacting the category as whole.

kvass russian fermented drink

The Kombucha of Eastern Europe: DIY Kvass

An ancient, subtly alcoholic Eastern European beverage—generally made from fermented beets or bread—kvass has slowly made its way into American bars and restaurants. Chris Crowley explores the DIY world kvass and kvass cocktails.

Winter Is Coming: Prep with These Fall Drinks

The season of prep, fall was traditionally reserved for chopping wood, storing apples, growing beards and knitting scarves for the long winter ahead. Thankfully our rituals have evolved to include the drinking of fall drinks. Here are four to prepare for the imminent cold.

The Beer Cocktail Stealing American Hearts

The recent cult success of Steigl's grapefruit radler has inspired countless riffs, a website and even a Twitter rally cry. Roger Kamholz on how this shandy-like blend of citrus soda and beer is paving the way for a new category of beer and beer cocktails.

Is Bottle Service Growing Up or Fading Away?

Once the indicator of an A-lister, bottle service and all its diamond-encrusted pomp has become one of the biggest gimmicks in American nightlife. But how did it go from exclusive to everyman? Regan Hofmann on the dying ritual of pay-to-play tables.

manhattan video still

A Complete Tour of Manhattan, Led by a Manhattan Cocktail

How does all that Manhattan get into the Manhattan? We trailed one little guy from the Freedom Tower to Wall Street to Times Square to find out. Behold, a tour of Manhattan from the point of view of a Manhattan cocktail.

The Punch A-Z

Absinthe Fountain

This theatrical accessory used to dispense ice cold water can be used in the traditional preparation of absinthe along with an absinthe spoon and a sugar cube, though it is not necessary.

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