The Extras: How (and When) to Garnish with a Flamed Orange Peel

Measuring a cocktail and stirring or shaking it properly are undoubtedly the most important aspects of drink-making. But what about all the other stuff? Welcome to “The Extras,” a recurring feature wherein we break down the details that make a drink look—and taste—good.

Six Beer Cocktails to Get You Through the Weekend

From the purl to the Black Velvet to France’s Picon Bière, mixing beer with spirits, liqueurs and even wine has a long international history—and a booming new school. Here are six simple beer cocktails, from classic to Miller-High-Life modern.

Thicker Than Water: Why Texture Matters in Vodka

In an era where aromatic spirits like mezcal, aged rum and whiskey rule, vodka is often dismissed for its neutrality. But perhaps we’re going about evaluating vodka the wrong way. Kara Newman on what mineral water can teach us about the nuance present in great vodka.

Inside London’s Growing Crop of Experimental Cocktail Bars

From vaporized Gin & Tonics to a punch bowl big enough to raft across to drinks served in everything from take-out boxes to rain boots, London’s bar scene has taken a turn for the experimental. Tyler Wetherall on what’s fueling the boom.

Does Gramercy Tavern Have the Best Wine Program in America?

What, exactly, makes a wine list great? Jon Bonné on the new tenets that define a successful wine program, and why he believes Gramercy Tavern is a perfect reflection of how we, at our best, drink today.

Bringing It Back Bar: What to Do with Strega

Every bar sports marginal bottles that elude even the most seasoned drink-makers. That is, until someone dusts them off and uses them in a new way. In "Bringing It Back Bar," we shine a light on overlooked bottles and devise recipes to take them from back bar to front shelf. Up now: the bright yellow Italian aperitivo liqueur, Strega.
sakura martini bar goto

Inside Kenta Goto’s Reinvention of the Japanese Cocktail Bar

In his “Bar Tripping” column, photographer Daniel Krieger travels the world to capture its most photogenic bars. This week, he steps inside New York’s Bar Goto—Kenta Goto’s new oasis of subtle, Japanese-style drinks and small plates, with a deeply personal history.

honeycut downtown la dancing

The Ritual of the Shift Drink: LA’s Honeycut

The hallowed ritual of the shift drink may take a different form at every bar, but it inevitably serves the same purpose: letting the staff exhale at the end of service. At Honeycut in LA, it comes in mini shots of tequila and Cosmos.

Eating in Bars: The Pacific Northwest's Broasted Chicken Addiction

Across Washington and Oregon, rural taverns and dive bars are known for two things: cheap, malty lager and broasted chicken. In the latest "Eating in Bars," Hanna Raskin explores how a quirky midcentury franchise still beats in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Whatever Happened to the Singles Bar?

The 1960s gave birth to a new era of urban nightlife centered around the "singles bar"—a genre of male- and female-friendly watering holes that proliferated along the far reaches of Manhattan's 1st Avenue and spread around the country. Aaron Goldfarb on the life and death of the singles bar, and whether they’re really gone for good.
house wine island wine under $25 illustration

The Island Wines Under $25 You Need Right Now

Welcome to “House Wine,” a monthly column dedicated to exploring the best that wine has to offer under $25. This month, the panel tastes through 12 island wines, from Sicily to Corsica to Santorini. Here are the wines that made the cut, and where to buy them.

new recipes for sangria

Who Will Save Sangria’s Soul?

After decades of disrespect, a new crop of bartenders are looking beyond sangria’s cheap past to create delicious, high-quality drinks that combine fruit and wine. Regan Hofmann on how the college cliché is no longer immune to the craft boom.

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(n.) Rum is a spirit made from fermented sugar cane juice or any of its byproducts, including molasses and syrup. It must be distilled at less than 190 proof and bottled at more than 80 proof. There are almost no legal categories for production methods, save for rhum agricole, an appellation of the French West […]

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