Six New American Summer Cocktails

From a riff on the classic Seelbach to a bitter reinvention of the Tom Collins to a Mint Julep kicked up with jalapeño, here are six new-school drinks that are all about that American ingenuity.

Bar Snacks Saved My Life

For the legions of kids who move to the big city too young, too poor, too dumb to make it on their own, free bar snacks are a lifeline. In the latest “Eating in Bars,” Regan Hofmann on her post-collegiate days eating dinner in New York’s dives, and how much she still owes to Chex Mix.

The Unlikely Rebirth of an Ancient Greek Spirit

Though thousands of years old, mastiha spirits are experiencing a renaissance in Greece’s modern cocktail scene. Hope Ewing on the uses and cultural significance of this tree sap liqueur from the island of Chios.

The Chillable Red Wines Under $25 You Should Be Drinking Right Now

Welcome to “House Wine,” a monthly column dedicated to exploring the best that wine has to offer under $25. This month, the panel is on the hunt for light, chillable reds. Here are the wines that made the cut, and where to buy them.

A New Extreme for Underwater Wine Aging

The discovery of the ocean as an ideal cellar has yielded a rash of new underwater-aged wines—but many of them are no different from their land-aged brethren. Zachary Sussman on one very notable exception: Julie Benau’s Libero, a picpoul aged for six months in barrels submerged in an oyster bed.

The New Face of Havana Nightlife

As Cuba slowly leaves the 1950s behind, one nightclub offers a vision for the country's future that's more than classic cars and mojitos. Suzanne Cope on La Fábrica, and the changing face of Havana nightlife.

The Appeal of the Blue Drink, Balkan Moonshine, How to Woo a Millennial: The Best Drink Reads of the Week

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a weekly installment where we share our favorite longreads on all things drinks and nightlife.

wines of gala salvador dali wine book

Inside Salvador Dalí’s Unknown Wine Book

Published in 1977, Salvador Dalí’s mostly forgotten Wines of Gala is the predictably eccentric follow-up to his absurdist cookbook Les Dîners de Gala. Regan Hofmann on its revolutionary way of thinking about wine, and why it’s never been more relevant.

The Jura Wines Nobody's Telling You About

The Jura has become the darling of the wine world for its outsider status and rustic sous voile wines. But what of the more conventional ouillé style being adopted by some of the region's most influential producers? Jon Bonné on why they may be its future.

Can the Mojito's Reputation Be Saved?

The mojito has an image problem. Drew Lazor on the rise and fall of Cuba's most famous drink, from Hemingway favorite to club cliché, and the crew of bartenders trying to rehabilitate it.
kajuns bar new orleans punch

The Only Bar In New Orleans

Welcome to “About a Bar,” a column that explores America’s most notable bars and cocktail programs. Nearly ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Nathan Mattise reflects on the bar that was once the only drink in town.

neon beer sign miller lite

Cuban Heavy Metal, Blackouts and Beer: The Best Drink Reads of the Week

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a weekly installment where we share our favorite longreads on all things drinks and nightlife.

The Punch A-Z

Tennessee Whiskey

(n.) This straight bourbon whiskey made in Tennessee must be distilled from a mash of at least 51-percent corn, plus a mix of barley, rye and wheat and aged for two years in oak barrels. Some Tennessee whiskeys undergo a charcoal filtration before being aged in barrel, called the Lincoln County Process, which helps to […]

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