Cult Soda & Soft-Core Porn in Imaginary Mexico

South of the Border is a made-up Mexican town in South Carolina that grew up as a boozy escape from nearby dry counties. It’s also the little-known residence of Blenheim Ginger Ale. Emily Wallace takes a look inside the weird past and present of a century-old soda company and its unlikely home.

The Life and Times of the Plastic Swizzle Stick

Rising to kitschy prominence in the 1950s and ’60s, the plastic swizzle stick quickly became the most ubiquitous piece of American bar memorabilia. By the ’90s it was mostly forgotten. Nevin Martell tracks its rise and fall.

Drink Tank: Dylan + Jeni, Photographers | Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Drink Tank, a week-in-the-life peek of creative drinkers across Instagram. Each week PUNCH follows a photographer, writer, winemaker or bartender from bar to bar to bar.

Drinker's Market: Summer Edition

Just as they cook with seasonal, local ingredients, designers and drink book authors Eric Prum and Josh Williams also build entire cocktails around fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market. From cherries to cucumbers, here's the food they're drinking this summer.
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B-List Cocktails Climb the Ranks

Not that long ago, the Negroni was considered a second-tier drink. But now that even small-town bars have mastered Martinis and Manhattans, lesser-known classics are making their way into the limelight. Dan Saltzstein with a few of his next-generation favorites.

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The World Cup in Five (Illustrated) Cocktails

Heading into the final round of World Cup matches, heavy drinking is sure to ensue—whether in celebration or consolation. Illustrator John Perry Yates imagines the final face-offs through cocktails (plus a few in retrospect) as soccer writer Ty Duffy offers analysis on what’s to come.

A Handy Guide to Drinking in Prison

How accurate are the pop cultural notions of prison drinking? Jennifer Cacicio reports on just how much modern prisoners are drinking and how they're doing it.

A Tour of NYC's Historic Barroom Diaspora

For 25 years, Robert Simonson has catalogued the vestiges of New York's bygone taprooms—from neon signs to murals to bar counters themselves—proving that many bars come and go, but some never fully disappear.
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The Making of a Rosé-Colored Craze

Not long ago, rosé was synonymous with sweet, low-budget blush wine. But over the past decade, pink wine’s unprecedented rise has established it not only as serious—even cult—wine, but as an aspirational lifestyle brand unto itself. Zachary Sussman on how rosé happened.


What Are CA Bartenders Doing About the Drought?

California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history. Many bars continue to do business as usual, but as the situation worsens a growing number of bartenders are finding ways to help conserve the state’s water supply.

The Punch A-Z


(n.) Before the single-serve cocktail became popular, mixed drinks were made in large-format style, called punch, and served in bowls. Classic examples of the category contain a variation on five ingredients: spirits, sugar, water, spice and citrus. Some speculate that punch originated with expats in India as a way to mask the flavor of inferior […]

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