Five Fall-Ready Bitter Sours

Fall calls for bitter, and at its most drinkable: shaken into a sour. Here, five shaken drinks driven by bitter liqueurs, from a Pisco Sour with an amaro base to another that mixes tequila and Contratto.

Flipping the Script on “House Wine”

Long associated with anonymous, notoriously cheap pours, the term “house wine” has a history of bad connotations. But that’s changing. Carson Demmond on the collaborations that have led to a new wave of house wines.

An Intro to Craft Beer’s Most Wine-Like Brews

Welcome to “I’d Tap That,” in which Aaron Goldfarb and a panel of tasters pit “whales” against “shelf turds” in an effort to understand everything from Imperial IPA to Saison. This round: wine barrel-aged beers.

Meet This Austrian Winery’s “Family of Wines”

One small producer in Austria is building a family tree out of its wines, assigning each a name, a portrait and a lineage—and striving to change how we think about a wine’s identity in the process. Megan Krigbaum on the Gut Oggau family of wines.

What the Hell Is a Crusta?

Meet the Crusta, a fussy mid-19th-century drink that few people have heard of, let alone drunk—and one that is seeing something of a revival today. Lizzie Munro explains the obscure sugar-encrusted cocktail.

How Well Do You Actually Know the Shandy?

Among the simplest formulas in the catalogue of beer cocktails, the two-ingredient shandy has persisted as a effortless favorite for centuries. Here, get to know the shandy in three classic recipes—and their modern interpretations.
Spanish Cider

A Guide to the World’s Funkiest Ciders

Funky, tannic and acidic, traditional Spanish cider has seen a slow but notable evolution at home and here in the U.S., where a growing crop of American producers are making cider in the Spanish style. Megan Krigbaum on the history and culture of these ciders, plus six bottles to look for.

Last Word Cocktail

How the Last Word Became a Cult Classic

What is it about the Last Word—that equal-parts cocktail driven by gin and green Chartreuse—that has spawned such adoration from bartenders? Kara Newman on the pre-Prohibition-era drink’s revival, and the countless riffs it’s inspired.

The Australian Pub Has No Equal

With its broad utility as both riotous watering hole and community meeting place, the Australian pub has had a unique effect on the country’s drinking culture. Besha Rodell on how it became the living room that welcomes all Aussies home.

A Crib Sheet to Loire Valley Cabernet Franc

Welcome to "Crib Sheet," your monthly shortcut to what's hot in wine right now, in four bottles, courtesy of Jon Bonné. This month: the spectrum of deliciousness that is Loire Valley cabernet franc.

The College Bar as Fleeting Fantasy

What does the bar by which we judge all other bars look like today? In “Deep Dive,” we send writers back to their college haunts to find out what treasures they still hold. Up now: Brett Williams on the Cove in Gambier, Ohio.

Milkshake IPA Beer

Meet the Milkshake IPA

The creamy “milkshake” ale, made with the addition of lactose sugars, is one of the newest styles to make waves in the beer world. Aaron Goldfarb on the evolution of these beers and how the style spread worldwide.

The Punch A-Z

Dry Hopping

(v.) A beer-making technique in which hops are added to a beer after it has been cooked and fermentation has begun. In most beer recipes, hops are added during the boil (when beer is cooked) so that hop resins—which provide the bitter flavor—will have a chance to become soluble and flavor the beer. The boiling […]

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