Bianco Vermouth Climbs Out of Obscurity

Just as historic, yet not as storied, bianco vermouth has remained a relative obscurity on cocktail lists. But as softer cocktail flavors have come into focus, so has this European relic.

How the Delectable App Is Eliminating Wine’s Third Wall

Photo-recognition wine apps such as Delectable mark a leap forward in the union between wine and technology. Can these apps also make the wine world (finally) more transparent?

Five Holiday Cocktails That Embrace the Kitsch

Half the beauty of the holiday season lies in the out-and-out cheesiness it inspires. But even the most of absurd holiday drinks can embrace the kitsch while still remaining as balanced as the Manhattans or Negronis you’d drink during any other season. Here are five drinks that fit the bill.

The PUNCH Guide to Melbourne

Ever since the first bedraggled group of British convicts and soldiers landed in Sydney harbor over 200 years ago, marking the start of European settlement, Australians have had a close relationship with alcohol. But unlike Sydney, Melbourne was never a penal colony. Here our love of the hard stuff was fueled not by desperation, but celebration.

The Best Bars That Never Existed

If "third places" are our social venues outside of home and work like bars and cafés, then "fourth places" are, arguably, those third places fictionalized in novels, movies and on TV. Wayne Curtis explores the some of the best bars that never existed.
stone fence historic cocktail

Five Colonial-Era Drinks for the Modern American

When it came to drinking, the early Americans mixed everything from beer and eggs to cider and rum together. Here are five warming winter drinks to keep you “wamble crop’d” throughout the cold months.

the interval at long now bar san francisco

A San Francisco Bar Meant to Last 10,000 Years

Welcome to “About a Bar,” a column that explores America’s newest and most notable bars and cocktail programs. Today, San Francisco’s most cerebral cocktail bar, The Interval.

Is the Jura Dealing with the "Urban Outfitters Effect"?

When news broke that one of the Jura's beloved producers will lease vineyard land to famed Burgundy winemaker Guillaume d'Angerville, it inspired a wealth of complaints and speculation. Is the Jura poised to become the indie band whose fans struggle with its mainstream success?

In Tents: Drunk on Bootleg Soju in South Korea

In Korea, street food carts and soju tents are an integral part of the nightlife landscape, providing a democratic gathering space for young and old to eat and drink copiously. Andrew Madigan reminisces about his time spent drinking in a weird collection of soju tents outside of Songtan, South Korea.
151 rivington bar lower east side gabi porter

The Tricky Business of Revamping a Beloved Bar

Taking over a bar with a fiercely loyal following is hard. But some owners have figured out how to move forward while paying homage to their inherited establishment’s roots. Drew Lazor on the emerging category of bars revamped for a new era of drinking.

gin xoriguer gin de mahon

Should American Gins Be Geographically Protected?

Many European agricultural products, including wine and spirits, are awarded distinctions that safeguard their production methods and terroir. Should America’s craft distillers protect spirits like gin based on where and how they’re made? Lauren Sloss explores.

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(n.) Ouzo is the Greek entry in a loose family of anise-flavored spirits from the Mediterranean, including raki (Turkey), arak (Lebanon) and sambuca (Italy). The best examples of the category are distilled in copper stills from grape pomace (the leftover skins and seeds from the winemaking process) and anise, plus a slate of spices including […]

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