What Is “Pét-Nat,” Really?

The lightly bubbly, often cloudy style of sparkling wine called pétillant-naturel—aka “pét-nat”—seemed to come out of nowhere to stake its claim as the wine trend of the moment. But what exactly is it? Zachary Sussman on the history of the trend and how it’s taken hold far beyond its roots in the Loire Valley.

Five Bitter and Bubbly Long Drinks

Long, bitter drinks have been the staple of Italian aperitivo for a century. In America, the archetype of the category, the Americano, is not only a loyal standby but a blueprint for a growing field of cooling bitter drinks. Here are five to get you through the long weekend.

Champagne’s Next Revolution Is Now

For years, the balance of power in Champagne has been shifting—from large producers to small growers—but there is a deeper change afoot. Jon Bonné on how a new outlook on farming and terroir is rewriting the region’s future.

Milton Glaser on Design and the Current State of Booze Branding

Milton Glaser is one of the most respected graphic designers of our era—famous for, among many other things, the ubiquitous “I ♥ NY” logo. Noah Rothbaum chats with him about his work in the booze world, his process and the metaphysical messaging inherent in good design.

Come See the Spendier Side of Rosé

It was only a matter of time before the tremendous growth of rosé spawned its own Rodeo Drive. That time has arrived. Jordan Mackay on the new class of Provençal luxury rosés, and whether they have staying power as serious alternatives to wine's quintessential poolside pounder.

What the Hell Is “Summer Beer”?

Since Anchor Brewing debuted the first self-identified “summer beer” in 1984, the category has yielded some of America’s best-selling beers. And yet it has no official definition. Aaron Goldfarb on what “summer beer” means, and what you should be drinking now.

venice wine bisol venissa

Creatures from the Lagoon: The Return of Venetian Wine

For centuries the Venetian lagoon was home to a thriving native winemaking culture. But over the last century, rising tides (and fortunes) rendered winemaking all but extinct. Until now. Paul Abercrombie on Venice’s viticultural revival.

Extra Añejo: Behind Tequila's Big Luxury Play

In 2006, tequila gained a new category—extra añejo—for tequilas aged in wood for three years or more. For a spirit long praised for its transparency, the rapid grown of extra barrel-aged tequilas has some questioning the value and motives of this new (often high-priced) category. Lauren Sloss gets behind the trend.

Besties: New York’s Favorite Drink-Slinging Couple

Welcome to the 2015 "Besties Guest Bartending Series," a monthly event and column in collaboration with Momofuku featuring two bartenders who've inspired each other's work. Up next week: real-life bartending couple Natasha David and Jeremy Oertel on cats, Madonna and shift drinks.
jello shots

The Siren Song of the Jell-O Shot

The Jell-O shot has mostly been banished to the ghetto of ingenious underage drinking. But there’s beauty in that. Regan Hofmann on the surprising origins and nostalgic pleasures of jellied alcohol.

flavored vodka st george

The Realest: Flavored Spirits Find Life Outside the Lab

For most, flavored spirits are a shudder-inducing category associated with laboratory witchcraft and bad decisions. But even the bodega’s bottom shelf isn’t immune to the craft boom. Lauren Sloss on the distillers who are bringing the real flavor.

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(n.) A large umbrella of a category covering spirits distilled from a fermented mash of grains. In the United States, all whiskeys must be distilled under 190 proof, and bottled at more than 80 proof. The slate of acceptable grains includes corn, rye, wheat, sorghum, malted barley and any combination thereof. The precise mix of […]

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