Crib Sheet: Your Guide to the Red Wines of Galicia

Welcome to “Crib Sheet,” your monthly shortcut to what’s hot in wine right now, in four bottles, courtesy of Jon Bonné. This month: standout Spanish reds from Galicia.

The Next Generation of Closed-Loop Cocktails

Pioneers within the bar world are considering food waste, energy conservation and sustainability to make eco-friendly, “closed-loop” cocktails.

Let Me Tell You the Rules: Lessons from Harry’s Bar

Famed for being the birthplace of the Bellini, Harry’s Bar in Venice has developed an ethos all its own.

The Year European Beer Lost Its Hold on America

A half-decade ago, European beer reigned supreme on top lists. Aaron Goldfarb on the moment that all ended, and why.

Behind the Timeless Design of the Cobbler Shaker

Though the three-piece cocktail shaker has remained largely unchanged since its invention, it remains an important touchstone in the history of bartending.

Five Cocktails that Defined the Early Renaissance

Five drinks from the 1990s and the early aughts that changed how we drink today.

Mastering the Ramos Gin Fizz with Mark Schettler

Bar Tonique bartender Mark Schettler shares his recipe and technique for a New Orleans cocktail classic—the Ramos Gin Fizz.

Cocktail Spirits

The New Boom of Spirits Designed for Cocktails

Plenty of spirits are designed to be sipped on their own, but what about those developed specifically to be mixed into drinks? Here, four of the most notable “cocktail spirits” released in the last year, and how they were made.

When Did Cocktail Menu Debuts Become News?

At some of today’s most highly regarded bars, a new menu is no longer just a list of drinks.

The Evolution of the “Culinary Cocktail"

How has the idea of the "culinary cocktail" evolved over the last five years? Here, a look at the drinks strengthening the bond between bar and kitchen.
Cocktail Explosion NoMad

The Making of The NoMad Bar’s Gigantic Cocktail Explosions

Bar Manager Pietro Collina shares the concept and story behind The NoMad Bar’s elaborately garnished, large-format “Cocktail Explosions.”

Bishop Cocktail

How Well Do You Actually Know the Bishop?

Here, get to know the family of ecclesiastic cocktails—among them, the Bishop, the Pope and the Cardinal—in six historic and modern drink recipes.

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(n.) A mixture of grains and water heated to encourage the extraction of grains’ fermentable sugars. Cereal grains, including barley, corn, rye and wheat, contain complex carbohydrates that can be converted into sugar that yeast can consume, leaving a byproduct of alcohol and carbon dioxide. To create a mash, the grain bill (the combination of […]

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