Leah Mennies

Leah Mennies is a Boston-based writer whose food and drink writing has appeared in Boston magazine, Bon Appétit, Gather and more. She keeps a bottle of Cynar at her desk, and recently discovered that it pairs beautifully with Cheetos.

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Meet Super Punch, Pittsburgh’s Syrupy Answer to Malört

Super Punch has long been a favorite drink in Pittsburgh’s Little Italy, but today, this obscure amaro is gaining steam as a shot for drinkers in the know.

A Toast to Bacardi Razz and Unironic Youth

What does the bar by which we judge all other bars look like today? In “Deep Dive,” we send writers back to their college haunts to find out what treasures they still hold. Up now: Leah Mennies on Boston’s Joshua Tree.

The Swizzle Stick Makes a Modern Comeback

A smart means of visual marketing, swizzle sticks have made a comeback—many of them with colorful, over-the-top designs. Leah Mennies on the visual range of swizzle stick 2.0 and the bars that have adopted them as calling cards.

The Unstoppable Appeal of the Cream Liqueur

Baileys—the shelf-stable cream liqueur so often associated with spiked coffee and suggestive shooters—is the number one selling liqueur in the world. Leah Mennies on the strange appeal of the cream liqueur, and the new crop of brands taking the market by storm.

Can Boston’s Only Classic Cocktail Make a Comeback?

Boston’s only classic cocktail has long been plagued by disrepute and bad sour mix. But a new crop of bartenders is helping it stage a comeback. Leah Mennies goes on a two-night crawl with local legend Brother Cleve to check in on the current state of the Ward Eight.

The Rise of the Fast-Casual Cocktail Bar

Now that drinkers have grown accustomed to cocktails made with fresh ingredients and top-notch skills, bar-owners are starting to offer them in more casual settings—often right alongside their high-end counterparts. From NYC’s The Happiest Hour to LA’s Honeycut, Leah Mennies on what’s fueling the boom of “fast-casual” cocktail bars.

The Ultimate Party Snack Searches for a Seat at the Bar

In the comfort-food gold rush, the pig in a blanket is one of the only classic American snacks that hasn’t crossed over into bars. In the latest “Eating in Bars,” Leah Mennies contemplates whether the house-party favorite is poised to find a seat at the bar.

The Champagne of Maine: Allen’s Invades the Cocktail Bar

Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon in Maine, where it’s long been the top-selling spirit in the state. Leah Mennies on the The Champagne of Maine (aka Bitch Whiskey) and how it’s finding new life in cocktail bars.