Lizzie Munro

Senior Editor

Lizzie Munro is the former Associate Editor and lead photographer at Tasting Table, where she developed and wrote stories for the website, contributed photographs and oversaw the production of all imagery. Formerly, she was Assistant Editor at Wine Spectator magazine. She has a degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Bard College.

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Inside Miami’s Iconic Little Havana Bar, Ball & Chain

The 82-year-old Calle Ocho mainstay has lived several lives before taking on its current form in 2014. Lizzie Munro on Miami’s legendary bastion of Cuban cocktails and jazz.

The Making of a Booze Emoji

How did the Champagne-popping emoji come to be?

Sh*t We Found on eBay: A Gothic Booze Castle

Welcome to “Shit We Found on eBay,” wherein we find the weirdest collectibles related to drinking—and then give them away. This round: an antique gothic castle in which to store your booze.

Inside New York’s Premier Ice Sculpting Studio

At Okamoto Studio, a typical day can include fashioning custom ice cubes for cocktail bars—or using a chainsaw to carve elaborate, crystal-clear sculptures. Shintaro Okamoto draws back the curtain for a tour of his ice sculpting studio.

The Making of Mission Chinese’s Color-Changing Cocktail

In “Don’t Try This at Home (But Do)” we explore the techniques and inspiration behind some of the bartending world’s most out-there drinks. Up first: Sam Anderson’s color-changing cocktail, the Mood Ring.

How to Hack Your Daiquiri for Winter

Though it’s become known as a summertime cocktail, the Daiquiri is easily adapted to colder months, when its key ingredient—limes—are in peak season. Bartenders Joaquín Simó and Jim Kearns share their tips on transitioning the drink to winter.

Behind Zahav’s List of One-Time-Only Cocktails

For three years, diners at Zahav’s chef’s counter would get a tasting menu of cocktails tailor-made for the meal and their tastes. Lizzie Munro on Brian Kane’s journal of hundreds of drinks he made only once.

Behind the Backbar at Brooklyn’s Sauvage

In “Anatomy of a Backbar” we get to know the world’s most notable spirits programs in five bottles. Up first: Sauvage, where bar director Will Elliott has curated a producer-driven collection of spirits and alpine liqueurs.

Sh*t We Found on eBay: The 1980s Robotic Cocktail Butler

Welcome to “Shit We Found on eBay,” wherein we plumb the depths of the consumer-to-consumer marketplace to find the weirdest collectibles related to drinking—and then give them away. This round: a hand-shaped robot that delivers drinks.

Mastering the Negroni with Naren Young

In “Masters of X,” we spotlight bartenders chasing perfection in one drink. Here, Naren Young shares his approach to perfecting the Negroni—and why it’s okay to break the rules.