Sarah Baird

Sarah Baird is a writer and culinary anthropologist whose food and drink writing has appeared in Southern Living, Serious Eats, CNN’s Eatocracy and beyond. Her first book, Kentucky Sweets: Bourbon Balls, Spoonbread, and Mile High Pie was recently published.

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Fake Blood & Booze: Drinking at GWARbar

The legendary thrash metal band, Gwar, has taken their brand of (fake) blood-soaked rock behind the bar. Sarah Baird visits the band’s Virginia watering hole—GWARbar—to chat tiki and what it’s like to run their own gruesome version of Graceland.

Swimming with Montana’s Magical Tiki Mermaids

Located inside a motel in Great Falls, Montana, the legendary Sip ‘n Dip Lounge has become cowboy country’s premiere tiki bar, complete with swimming mermaids. Sarah Baird travels to the bar to play sea princess for a night.

The Life and Death of the American Pool Hall

Once a game of high society, pool—and the oft-demonized pool hall—have experienced a muddled history in both pop culture and real life. Sarah Baird on how the bad boy of barrooms is aging in 21st-century America.

Whatever Happened to Kentucky Common Beer?

Forgotten since Prohibition, Kentucky Common—Louisville’s native beer style—is primed for a comeback. Sarah Baird on its origins and long road back to everyman popularity.

Tears and Beers: A History of Drinking Songs

For centuries the drinking song has provided a peek into the essence of a culture, a place and even the collective heartbreak of an era. Sarah Baird unravels the history of the boozy anthem—from workingman blues to ballads—and its value as cultural currency.

A Pulque Revolution Brews in Mexico City

Once revered as the Aztec “drink of the gods,” pulque is amidst an unlikely revival. Sarah Baird travels to Mexico City to uncover the sticky, pungent drink’s turbulent political history—from the government’s 20th-century smear campaign to the current resurgence of pulquerias new and old.

The Real Boozewives

The relationship between women and drinking has always been a fraught subject in America, from colonial times to the recent rise of the “cocktail mom.” Sarah Baird explores the long-held gender double standards regarding housewives and alcohol and how they’ve manifested in pop culture.

Bali H’ai to Bourbon Street and Back: NOLA’s Tiki Love Affair

With its tropical climate and mishmash of cultures, New Orleans was practically predestined to become a tiki mecca. Sarah Baird tracks the city’s tiki love affair, from its early heyday and Bourbon Street kidnapping to its current renaissance on Decatur.

Fast Booze Nation

From Sonic to Chipotle to Starbucks, fast food restaurants are more frequently adding alcoholic beverages to their menus. Will it catch on? Sarah Baird examines the new fast booze landscape.

Drinking at the Gates of the Redneck Riviera

On the border of Alabama and Florida’s Gulf Coast is the Flora-Bama Lounge, a beachfront saloon immortalized by Jimmy Buffett and visited by Mick Jagger. Sarah Baird drops anchor to wander the salt water-battered empire that has survived hurricanes, an oil spill and countless family vacationers.