The PUNCH Guide to San Francisco

Once home to a working waterfront, gold miners and argonauts, San Francisco is one of the few urban American cities to maintain a tangible sense of Western-ness. New-age saloons exist without a tinge of irony, while holdouts from another age are scattered amongst the city's sloping streets.

The PUNCH Guide to NOLA

From downing Hand Grenades on Bourbon Street to sipping Mint Juleps Uptown, New Orleans is a town that doesn't readily embrace moderation. Whether you seek hedonistic decadence, countless native classic cocktails or the truly bizarre, you'll find it here.

The PUNCH Guide to Brooklyn

In nearly every neighborhood there is at least one bastion of new-era Brooklyn shaking cocktails with housemade syrups, popping corks on small-production wines and slinging pints from local breweries.

The PUNCH Guide to Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. works hard, but it also plays hard. From hotel bars to dives to fancy cocktail joints, the capital has claimed its own territory—rather unexpectedly—amongst America's most progressive food and drink scenes.

milan drinking city guide punch

The PUNCH Guide to Milan

It hasn’t always been easy to drink well in Milan, with a few notable exceptions. But things have improved dramatically over the past couple of years, and along with timeless classics like Bar Camparino and Bar Basso, a new wave of great drinking options has emerged—from natural wine bars to modernist craft cocktail joints.

The PUNCH Guide to Hong Kong

The east-meets-west cliché rings remarkably true in Hong Kong. A city that has, for a century, welcomed sailors and tycoons alike, Hong Kong has an odd sophistication combined with a high tolerance for bad behavior. Here you’ll find everything from tiny Japanese cocktail joints to rowdy dance clibs to elegant rooftop bars, all packed into one quixotic, pocket square of a city.
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The PUNCH Guide to Charleston

Charleston is a city steeped in its own history dating back to the 18th century. And though distinctively Southern in its respect for tradition, Charleston's drinks now flirt with the progressive. America, take note.

The PUNCH Guide to Singapore

Three years ago, Tiger Beer was still unchallenged as Singapore’s drink of choice. But the easy-drinking lager has since faced competition from a boom of craft cocktail bars and an influx of young, hungry wine talent, both of which are disrupting the balmy island's status quo.

Inside Birmingham's Iconic Bar-Cum-Liquor Store

In his "Bar Tripping" column, photographer Daniel Krieger travels the world to capture its most unique and photogenic bars. Up now, Lou's Pub, a Birmingham institution that's part liquor store, part bar.
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The PUNCH Guide to Tokyo

Half the fun of drinking in Tokyo is navigating the city's dense interior, where some of the best bars are tucked away in unimpressive buildings and down side-street alleys. Hidden within the bowels of this glittering, Technicolor maze you'll find everything from serious natural wine bars to tachinomi to izakaya dens to some of the world's best cocktail bars.
melbourne city guides illustration natalie k nelson

The PUNCH Guide to Melbourne

Ever since the first bedraggled group of British convicts and soldiers landed in Sydney harbor over 200 years ago, marking the start of European settlement, Australians have had a close relationship with alcohol. But unlike Sydney, Melbourne was never a penal colony. Here our love of the hard stuff was fueled not by desperation, but celebration.
portland city guide illustration jen kruch

The PUNCH Guide to Portland

Portland is the kind of place where you'll overhear discussions of natural birthing over a pint of IPA or a panhandler muttering into his afternoon whiskey while Ella Fitzgerald ballads play in a dive bar. A perpetual layer of grime sits atop this city's increasingly shiny surface, which isn't surprising considering the Pacific Northwest is the home of grunge.
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The PUNCH Guide to Manhattan

It's highly plausible (in fact, it's indisputable) that other cities are, say, cleaner, have more bike lanes or better schools or lower poverty rates or an overall superior quality of life. But when it comes to one very important element of urban culture—drinking, of course—there is no denying that New York City is, indeed, the center of the universe.