The PUNCH Guide to Tokyo

Half the fun of drinking in Tokyo is navigating the city's dense interior, where some of the best bars are tucked away in unimpressive buildings and down side-street alleys. Hidden within the bowels of this glittering, Technicolor maze you'll find everything from serious natural wine bars to tachinomi to izakaya dens to some of the world's best cocktail bars.

The PUNCH Guide to Paris

Paris has always loved to drink. Given its singular metropolitan status in a wine-loving country, it had no choice. But Paris has not always loved cocktails or non-French wine—both of which are quickly changing. It used to be that the ...

The PUNCH Guide to Berlin

Berlin has not only started to fashion itself into the cosmopolitan capital it was always meant to be, but it has also reestablished its international reputation as the place to go for a good time.

The PUNCH Guide to Los Angeles

LA has always been inextricably linked to the film industry, to images of the Hollywood sign hovering over traffic, to characters from Baywatch and Beverly Hills: 90210. But Angelenos know full well that there’s a lot more to this city than movies and coast.