12 Sanity-Restoring Summer Drinks from Around the World

Serious Eats compiles a list of global drinks for summer’s dog days. “These cooling drinks relieve our thirsts, yes,” writes Lauren Rothman, “but more than that, it sometimes feels like they have the power to restore our sanity.” Something everyone needs when the sun starts to do its work.

A mix of dry lager and bubblegum-flavored soda, the refajo from Colombia is similar to a British shandy. Tinto de Verano (literally “summer red wine”) from Spain is made with cheap red wine and lemon soda. Brazil’s Caipirinha, France’s pastis and England’s Pimm’s Cup also make the list. 

On the non-alcoholic front, savory drinks shine through. India’s Neer More and Thaliand’s Nam Manao use a pinch of salt to elevate the drinks’ fresh flavors—and help replenish minerals lost from all that sweating on the beach. 

Head over to check out the full list—and stay hydrated. [Serious Eats] [Photo: Flickr/Moyan Brenn]