Charges Dropped in Palin Family’s Drunken Fight

todd and sarah palin

On September 6th the Palin family made national headlines after a dramatic brawl at a well-attended birthday party at Korey Klingenmeyer’s house in Anchorage. Bristol Palin purportedly hooked another party guest several times in the jaw before Track Palin then turned on another party guest who’d previously dated his sister Willow. Klingenmeyer was reported to have dragged Bristol across the lawn “calling the 23-year-old woman crude names.”

Todd Palin eventually broke through the brawl, as Sarah Palin yelled back to the party guests, “Do you know who we are?” They left in a stretch Hummer just as Anchorage police arrived on the scene. A 25-page police report indicates that they’d found Track shortly after in the family’s limo “heavily intoxicated.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that no charges against the Palins will be made. One of the guests Matthew McKenna chalks it up to, “one big misunderstanding among friends due to too much alcohol.” The Palins, of course, declined comment. [Chicago Tribune] [Image: Flickr/david_shankbone]