Chicago Brewery Votes Against Trump, The End of Styrofoam Cups and The Most Expensive City for Beer


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– Say goodbye to that to-go cup of beer. Starting tomorrow, New York is banning the use of styrofoam cups and products in bars and restaurants.

– Take a virtual trip to Napa: Google Maps will now take you inside a number of California wineries and breweries at the click of a button. Tastings not included.

– The 2015 Beer Price Index offers some boozy inspiration for where you should (and shouldn’t) go on your next trip: Geneva is the most expensive city in the world for beer, Krakow’s the cheapest, and New York is the priciest in the U.S., at an average of $5.20 per brew.

– Chicago brewery 5 Rabbit Cerveceria is pulling out of a beer partnership with the Trump Hotel Chicago in light of some of The Donald’s recent comments.

– Finally, if you ever want to know how much of your week you spend drinking, there’s an app for that.

[Photo: Flickr/k.ivoutin]