Creator of Powdered Alcohol Fights Against Bans


Mark Phillips, creator of the powdered alcohol drink Palcohol is now busy fighting off multiple bans on the product in states across the country. Despite the fact that the powdered beverage was approved by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau last month, many lawmakers are trying to have it banned before it even hits stores, reports the Daily News.

The fear of many lawmakers and concerned citizens is that Palcohol would be an easier way for underage kids to gain access to alcohol, and that many would also try to snort the product. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer introduced a bill last month that would make powdered alcohol illegal in all states, calling the product “Kool-Aid for underage drinking.”

Six states have already banned the powder and almost 30 other states have introduced similar bills. Phillips maintains that Palcohol is no more dangerous than liquid alcohol and criticisms of the product are baseless. “There is a fear of anything new,” he says, “when they’re ignorant about a product, they’re scared of it.” [Daily News][Photo: Flickr/gosheshe]