Daily News: Bud Light Gets Redesign, Google Releases Most-Searched Drink Terms of 2015

bud light

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– A New York wine bar is introducing a “sommakase” option that allows customers to taste a number of different wines as chosen by their sommelier, for a fixed price.

– The latest in coffee technology? Robots that prepare your pour-over.

– British astronaut Tim Peake plans to keep enjoying a perfect cup of tea while on a mission in space.

– The Culinary Institute of America has partnered up with Brooklyn Brewery to get their own on-campus brewery.

– For the first time in eight years, Bud Light is getting a sleek new redesign, slated to go into effect in the new year.

– For the first time since Prohibition, residents of Indiana will be able to buy alcohol on Christmas Day.

– Google has released the most-searched drink terms of 2015: “Sangria” and “Moscow Mule” top the list for cocktail terms, while beer’s number one search was “Bud Light Mixxtail.”

[Photo: Flickr/Andrew Malone]