Daily News: LA Entrepreneurs Develop Flash-Aged Whiskey, Tom Brady Says He’s Never Tried Coffee

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Rhode Island police arrested the ‘Bordeaux Bandit,’ a thief who has been stealing high-end wines in the New York region.

– A new wave of Australian liquor looks to capitalize on unique local flavors like wattleseed and boobialla.

– Set to the Footloose classic “Holding Out for a Hero,” Heineken’s new ad campaign‘s key message is moderation.

– Japan’s Asahi is looking to buy SABMiller’s Grolsch and Peroni brands for as much as $3.41 billion, which would make for the largest-ever overseas beverage purchase by a Japanese company.

– Two LA entrepreneurs have developed a flash-aged whiskey that has a “nearly identical chemical signature to products aged for 20 years or more.”

– Finally, amidst recent reports of his and wife Gisele’s stringent diet, Tom Brady told a Boston radio station that he has never tried coffee.

[Photo: Flickr/Joshua Rappeneker]