Daily News: Red Wine May Prevent Erectile Disfunction, Jack Daniel’s Motörhead Whiskey Sells Out

Jack Daniels

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks preview the future of major coffee chains with a mobile app for delivery.

– A 10k race in Glasgow offers wine at every two-mile stop on the route.

– An in-depth study shows that foods high in flavonoids, like red wine, help prevent erectile disfunction.

– Jack Daniel’s single-barrel whiskey in honor of the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead sold out almost immediately.

Original Gravity, a 30-minute documentary on London’s growing community of craft breweries, will begin screenings in February.

– Honor Castillo—the blanco tequila shared by El Chapo and Sean Penn in their Rolling Stone interview—will debut in the U.S. soon.

– Finally, celebrate the dry comedic brilliance of Alan Rickman with a slow-motion, faux-dramatic video of the late actor making tea.

[Photo: Flickr/Michael Stern]