Eight Tips for Surviving a Dry January

If keeping January a booze-free month is difficult for you, take the advice of an eight-year strong Drynuary authority. He also happens to be the Restaurants and Drinks editor at Bon Appétit. Andrew Knowlton, who has “two racks of booze an arm’s reach from his desk,” shares eight tips for surviving an alcohol-free start to 2014. Admittedly, there are some advantages to abstaining, including serious savings and deep appreciation of your first sip on February 1— “Wow, I can taste this.” Though it’s already a week into the month, Knowlton assures it’s not too late: the second tenant of surviving Drynuary is “get a late start” alongside #7’s advice to “relax, dude.” So if recalibration strikes you as a fitting choice, there’s time yet to embark on a wholesome adventure. Beware, dessert may replace your 5 PM Martini ritual. [Bon Appétit]