Hella Bitter Launches DIY Bitters Kit

The folks at New York-based company Hella Bitter are launching a new “Craft Your Own Bitters” kit, and have turned to Kickstarter to generate initial funding. “We truly love making bitters,” reads the description of their Kickstarter Campaign. “you might even call it an obsession.” It’s good timing considering the growing trend of home cocktails and DIY-everything.

The kit includes custom-made tools like a mash strainer, funnel, infusion jars and dropper bottles, as well as two blends of spices: a citrus spice blend and an aromatic spice blend. You can customize flavor profiles of your homemade bitters by adding different ingredients. 

As of July 1, the campaign has generated over $20,000. It aims to source $50,000 by July 24th. For $45 or more, you can get your hands on the kit. Check out their Kickstarter campaign here. [Kickstarter] [Photo: Hella Bitter