Home Alcohol Delivery Is the New Normal

alcohol bottles

Home delivery services for groceries are already thriving, but same-day alcohol delivery services are the next market to experience a boost in popularity according to The New York Times.  This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but we’re now seeing some real-world results: Services like DrinkFly are now seeing 80 percent reorder rates and Thirstie is expected to make $1.5 million to $2 million in revenue this year. With what seems like a different version of a similar app popping up in a new city every month, consumers are starting to get used to the idea of the pre-game coming to them.

Many of the services like Drizly, Klink and Drinkos follow the same formula: partner with brick-and-mortar shops that can fulfill orders made via the app; guarantee a delivery window; make the run, check IDs and drop the stuff. As the Times suggests, bigger companies are likely surveying the start-up landscape of these services and learning form their mistakes, before attempting to buy out the little guys. [The New York Times][Photo: Flickr/Ze’ev Barkan]