Kate Moss’s Breasts Inspired a Champagne Coupe

kate moss champagne lead

This just in from Elle: The shape of the champagne glassware used to celebrate Kate Moss’s quarter century in the fashion industry (and her 40th birthday), were inspired by her oft-photographed breasts. In homage to Marie Antoinette whose eponymous left breast described the dimensions of the coupe, Jane McAdam Freud (daughter of Lucien Freud) shaped the glass using molds from Moss’s breast—right or left, she didn’t say.

The Kate Moss coupe has a long, elegant stem and art deco etching around the side, with a ‘Kate heart’ engraved on the base. And the correlation, of course, between Marie Antoinette and Kate Moss is not to be understated (think: Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Cappola’s Marie Antoinette). Moss wouldn’t be out of place at a modern Versailles. “I was excited to participate in this project,” Moss said. “What an honor to be alongside Marie Antoinette…she was a very intriguing and mysterious character.”

Could Kate’s breast-inspired coupe be yours? No, it is not for purchase. In order to experience these cold curves, you’ll have to book a table at 34, The Ivy, Daphne’s or Scott’s. And a flight to London. [Elle] [Image: Flickr/coco+kelly]