Make (Nearly) Perfect Ice at Home

First, accept that your most meticulous efforts will probably never produce the same pristine, crystal-clear results you lust after in cocktail bars (the professionals use chainsaws). If you can live with near-perfection, Food52’s freezing techniques might revolutionize the way you deal with the most finicky detail of home bartending. After trying all the standard tricks (the “boil it twice, freeze it hot” nonsense) Marian Bell concludes that our best hope lies in Erik Lombardo’s brownie pan technique, wherein the ice cube enthusiast chisels off the clear edges of a giant ice cube molded from a brownie pan. Use the entire thing in a Collins glass or break it down into cubes for a rocks cocktail. Fancy ice calls for fancy glassware—pull out the good stuff for these handmade beauties. [Food 52]