Russia Bans Jack Daniel’s Honey

Rosportrebnadzor, the same Russian agency that outlawed Kentucky Gentleman, has ordered Russia’s store owners to take Jack Daniel’s Honey off shelves, according to Grub Street. The consumer watchdog group was “shocked” when they ran a sample of the liqueur through extensive tests in labs and discovered a copious amount of sugar and honey, which are “not usually used by whiskey producers.”

While Rospotrebnadzor’s observation is, in fact, correct, its categorization is flawed. Jack Daniel’s Honey is not a whiskey, but rather a flavored liqueur with a whiskey base. The fact that it contains honey couldn’t have surprised Russian government officials; it is called Jack Daniel’s “Honey.”

The ban on the Kentucky liqueur follows the threat to embargo U.S. poultry products and other products from the European Union. Grub Street considers the next target: “Maybe they’ll go after Beefeater next for its apparent lack of red meat.” [Grub Street] [Photo: Flickr/Theresa Thompson]