Urban Myth About “Breaking the Seal” Is a Real Thing

We have all noticed that after a few drinks, we suddenly need to run to the bathroom and continue the trend, with more frequency, throughout the night. Well, there’s an explanation for that. The Daily Mail explains that when you drink alcohol, your bladder works normally until you reach the third drink. This is when people will tell you not to “break the seal,” or you will constantly be running to the bathroom all night..

Although there is in fact no “seal,” the science behind this idea is that your brain normally produces an anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) to stop you from urinating, but when you drink alcohol your brain produces a smaller amount of ADH. And, in turn, your kidneys produce more urine. So even though you are more dehydrated from drinking, you will still need to urinate more than usual.

To prevent dehydration, many people believe that you should drink water throughout the night. However, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki also dispels the myth that hydrating yourself with water while drinking will make you less dehydrated: Your body actually only absorbs 30 to 50 percent of this water, and the rest will pass right through you on one of those many bathroom runs.

So, all told, the only solution to then”breaking the seal” issue may be to limit yourself to two drinks. Good luck. [Daily Mail] [Photo] [Flickr.com/apes_abroad]