WANTED: Over 15,000 Bottles of Stolen Jameson

Two 40-foot trucks-worth of Jameson, Jack Daniels and Bombay Sapphire gin were stolen from a west Dublin industrial estate in what the Belfast Telegraph is calling a “Christmas party season heist.”

During the robbery, which went down on November 14th in broad daylight in West Dublin, the thieves got their hands on 2,580 six-bottle cases of Jameson, plus a large, yet undisclosed, number of Jack Daniels and Bombay Sapphire cases. Authorities have only now released details of the theft, as they that suspect the booze was taken so that it could be sold on the black market for the festive weeks to come.

That, or they’re throwing some kind of robbers’ holiday party. [Belfast Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Yortw]