White Wine Dubiously Linked to Aggressive Behavior in Women

salut white red wine

Does white wine turn women into monsters? It’s a question that the Daily Mail attempts to answer based on the testimonials of several English women who report uncharacteristically unpleasant behavior after a few glasses. The reaction, which sounds suspiciously like “too much to drink,” ranges from aggression to belligerence to exhibitionism to memory loss.

The headline insists that the reaction is specific to white wine and not to the amount consumed. Sarah Turner for Harrogate Sanctuary, a women’s alcohol rehabilitation center, suggests that the pesticides, sugars or sulfates present in white wine may be the culprits—or that, perhaps, “white wine could somehow be raising testosterone levels in women as the effect can be so dramatic.”

But Dr. Roger Corder, a professor of experimental therapeutics at the London School of Medicine, and the article’s voice of reason, believes that the women don’t know how much they’re drinking. If uncharacteristic behavior occurs after three glasses of wine, one must question the circumstances. Have these drinks been consumed on an empty stomach? What is the average pour consumed?

Meanwhile, Turner insists it would behoove researchers to investigate pesticides present in some white wines and their psychological effects. [DailyMail] [Image: Flickr/dutchbaby]