Cacao-Infused Bourbon

Mike Capoferri | Los Angeles

For the spirit base of his Savannah Sour, Mike Capoferri uses an iSi canister to rapidly infuse Bulleit bourbon with cacao nibs to lend the whiskey a subtle nutty, bitter chocolate flavor.

  • 60 grams cacao nibs
  • 400 milliliters Bulleit bourbon
  • 1 iSi whipper
  • 2 nitrous oxide chargers

  1. Add cacao nibs and bourbon to the iSi whipper.
  2. Close the canister, checking that the O-ring is in place in the lid, charge and shake.
  3. Remove first cartridge, change to a second cartridge.
  4. Charge, then shake again.
  5. Holding the canister upright, de-gas it slowly into an angled cup.
  6. Once the gas has been released, unscrew the lid, and wait until boiling subsides.
  7. Fine-strain and store in an airtight container.