Horse’s Neck

This cooler drink—which gets its name from its long, loopy lemon twist garnish that curls along inside of the glass—is one of several classic drinks that devolved into a mocktail…

rhythm and soul cocktail recipe greg best

Rhythm and Soul

The Rhythm and Soul is Greg Best’s composite sketch of a Manhattan and a Sazerac, as if the cocktails got into a tussle, made up and had a love child.



Nearly stomped out of existence by its fruity mid-20th-century counterpart, the true Old-Fashioned is as traditional as they come.



One of the enduring heavyweights in the cocktail world, the Manhattan is something of a twist on the Old Fashioned, most likely spurred by the late-19th century rise of sweet…

whiskey sour cocktail recipe

Whiskey Sour

This iconic sour—whiskey, lemon juice and sugar shaken over ice—forms the building block for many a cocktail.


Bourbon Whiskey

(n.) This American subset of whiskey is made from distilling a fermented mash of at least 51-percent corn and aging the liquor in new charred white oak barrels. Though some…

Perfect Manhattan Recipe

Perfect Manhattan

The "perfect" modifier indicates a combination of dry and sweet vermouths as opposed to the original Manhattan's full measure of sweet vermouth.