The Pastry War Houston cocktail bar

The Pastry War

Think of The Pastry War as a PR firm for traditionally made agave spirits. If the spirit's agave piñas aren’t roasted in a stone oven and ground under the stone wheel…

double trouble houston

Double Trouble

A laid back, soft-tiki hideaway offering both of the world’s best intoxicants, Double Trouble can wind you up and wind you back down. Brewing coffee from Houston’s own Greenway Coffee…

lei low tiki bar houston

Lei Low

Houston’s first total immersion tiki bar of the modern era, Lei Low is a beautiful example of how something so silly can be treated so seriously, to such delightful effect. The…

Julep Houston cocktail bar


Stepping into Julep is like stepping out onto a back porch. The place feels made of lace and sunshine, practically oozing Southern charm. The latest in Bobby Heugel’s Clumsy Butcher…

Moving Sidewalk Houston cocktail bar

Moving Sidewalk

Watching bartender Alex Gregg’s evolution over his time behind Houston bars has been akin to watching the evolution of Houston itself. He’s moved through the flush of a newfound love…