Image: Candelaria
EVERY DAY: 6 P.M. - 2 A.M.
+33 1 42 74 41 28 | WEBSITE

In some cities, a Margarita and a taco aren’t difficult to find. In Paris, however, they’re a rarity, which may be part of the reason Candelaria has garnered such a devoted local following. To enter, you must walk through the tiny taqueria—where the tacos are constructed—and push through the door at the back. The transition into upscale craft cocktail bar is swift. As one might expect, the focus is on tequila and mezcal with cocktails inspired by lands far away from France, and yes, you can get a bowl of guacamole and chips to go with it all.

Known For
  • full menu
  • bar food
  • craft cocktails
  • lots of tequila
  • lots of mezcal
What to drink
Try the Candelaria classic, Guêpe Verte, aka “green wasp,” made with spice-infused Ocho tequila, cucumber, cilantro, agave and lime.
Ask for the reserve cocktail list, which mixes old and new, like Audrey Saunder’s Gin Gin Mule and Death + Company’s Pete’s Word.