Das Gift

The rapid gentrification of Neukölln has resulted in the appearance of countless divey watering holes with unplastered walls, tastefully mismatched furniture and hip clientele. While Das Gift (“gift,” by the way, is the German word for poison and has nothing to do with its English homonym) bears some aesthetic similarities to the bars that surround it, it has managed to elevate itself above the competition, thanks in part to its dedicated fridge full of Scottish ales. Owned by an expat Scottish couple who keep good beer behind the bar and good music on the stereo, Das Gift is a small oasis of ale in a desert of lager.

Known For
  • craft beer
  • full menu
  • jukebox
What to drink
Look past the taps and into the glass fronted fridge in the corner. The selection changes frequently, but there’s always something worth trying.
The accompanying Giftraum is an art gallery space where Gift Ras often has performances and live music. Find their event page on their tumblr because their events are something else.