Kibitz Room (Canter’s Deli)

Image: Foursquare/Terence I.
EVERY DAY: 10:30 A.M. - 1:40 A.M.
323.651.2030 | WEBSITE

Since 1931, Canter’s Deli has been serving some of the most iconic corned beef Reubens within city limits. In 1961, they added music to the mix. The Kibitz Lounge is adjacent to the twenty-four-hour restaurant that lights up Fairfax Avenue, making it all too easy to get a serious buzz on, then stumble into a booth for a patty melt and coffee to sober up. With live music nearly every night, the Kibitz Room stage has played host to everyone from Joni Mitchell to Guns ’N Roses. These days it’s more a mix of local acts—music and standup comedy—but this is L.A., so there’s always a chance of some big name stopping by as a surprise.

Known For
  • live music
  • day drinking
  • jukebox
  • sports
  • full menu
What to drink
Shot and a beer.
West Hollywood