Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Image: Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
EVERY DAY: 10:30 A.M. - 3 A.M.
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With dusky ambience and candles flickering all day long, Lafitte’s has long been one of the French Quarter’s most picturesque and iconic buildings, and lore insists it’s housed a bar as far back as 1772. Local legend insists it was once the blacksmith shop for the pirates Lafitte, a pair of brothers who had a trading station in the marshes not far away. Documentation doesn’t quite support this, but gets us pretty close. Lafitte’s is among the most permeable and street-friendly of the Bourbon Street bars, its doors often open wide to invite passersby, while drinkers can observe the passing parade.

Known For
  • cheap date
  • day drinking
  • outdoor / patio
  • historic
What to drink
The house specialty is the Frozen VooDoo Daiquiri—better known as the “purple drank.” If you believe you need more purple in your life, get one. Otherwise, beer is a safe bet.
French Quarter
Here for people watching? Arrive early enough to grab one of the tables on the sidewalk.