martuni gay bar san francisco
Image: Yelp/Kevin Y.
EVERY DAY: 2 P.M. - 2 A.M.
415.241.0205 | WEBSITE

The shocking death of piano bars and cabarets in San Francisco shows how much things have changed since the 1960s, but Judy and Liza’s fan base will always have a home in Martuni’s, a more-than-slightly camp venue with “Greco-Deco” accents. The performers range from local singer-songwriters to full-throated divas belting out proper arias to rousing sing-alongs from the American Songbook, but it’s always high-quality (no open mic here). You will not never find a less sexually-charged atmosphere, nor a more exuberant bouquet behind the bar. In short, Martuni’s is a beautiful anachronism in a curious non-neighborhood location.

Known For
  • live music
  • historic
What to drink
Martinis, of course! Any variation is possible, and there is no beer to be found. Cocktail waitresses will take your order in the back room.
This is what your mother probably thinks all gay bars are like. Also, it’s not a particularly large venue, so going in parties larger than four probably means not sitting as a group.