Pearl & Ash

Image: Pearl & Ash
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 5:30 P.M. - 11: P.M. | SATURDAY - SUNDAY: 2 P.M. - 11 P.M.
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Patrick Cappiello’s list at Pearl & Ash has taken all of the depth and classicism you’d expect from a fine dining wine list and then littered it with an exciting, and unexpected, mix of farther-flung heroes of France’s new avant-garde—from Ganevat and Selosse to rising Loire stars like Domaine de Bellivière. Since opening, Pearl & Ash has become the de-facto hangout for the downtown wine crowd, so if you happen to wander in past 11 p.m. you’re bound to find a number of the city’s best sommeliers bellied up to the bar. Also: If you order a bottle of champagne, do not be alarmed when Cappiello mounts the bar and sabers the bottle into the restaurant. This is just par for the course here.

Known For
  • champagne
  • natural wine
  • vintage wine
  • low wine markups
  • full menu
What to drink
Champagne, old Burgundy, Chablis, Loire. And if you dig Bordeaux, there's an incredible collection of older wines, many of them hovering around $100.
If you order a bottle of bubbly and you've never seen someone saber a bottle into a crowded restaurant, ask Cappiello to give you the show.