Husband-and-wife team Sebastian Zutant and Lauren Winter have long been a force in D.C.’s dining scene. Zutant has designed many of the city’s best wine lists and can take credit for introducing D.C. to orange wines and natural-wine producers like Arianna Occhipinti. Through her firm, Edit Lab at Streetsense, Winter has designed many of the city’s most striking restaurants.

In late 2017, the duo opened Primrose, a 65-seat wine bar just a few blocks from their home in Brookland, an up-and-coming neighborhood. It’s as stunning as one might expect—with pitch-perfect bistro fare developed by consulting chef Nathan Beauchamp. Natural wines from the back roads of France take center stage, with about 15 by-the-glass pours ranging in price from $9 to $15. The list offers about 75 selections — and save for a few Champagnes, all are well under $100.

Known For
  • natural wine
  • low wine markups
  • outdoors / patio
What to drink
With offerings from Yvon Métras, Olivier Horiot, Julien Labet and Jean-François Ganevat, the list will please just about every fan of natural wine.
If Sebastian Zutant is in and you're down for an adventure, ask for drinking advice. With a head of blue hair, he's easy to spot.