Rob Roy

rob roy seattle cocktail bar
Image: Rob Roy
EVERY DAY: 4 P.M. - 2 A.M.
206.956.8423 | WEBSITE

It’s not just the free Goldfish crackers on the bar at Happy Hour that keep the crowds coming back to Anu Apte’s Rob Roy—it’s the entire vibe of this bewitching Belltown bar. Attracting a mixed crowd of downtown bar crawlers, baseball-cap-sporting beer-and-shot dudes and serious cocktail geeks, it’s one of the coziest, clubbiest rooms in town. Even better is that it’s decked out like a late-1970s rec room, with an inspiration board of leather, stone and dark wood. The vibe even extends to the restrooms, where citrus wheels and piles of ice fill the urinals and the graffiti on the wall might include a recipe for an Old-Fashioned.

Known For
  • craft cocktails
  • full menu
  • happy hour
What to drink
On "Analog Tuesday," the iPod playlist takes a night off. Customers are encouraged to bring in their own records and an in-house "Vinyl Moderator" helps keep the music in-line with the mood of the room. A vintage reel-to-reel player is even put into action and 8-tracks are welcome, although last time they used it the deck chewed up a Queen cassette.