The Chestnut Club

Image: Facebook/The Chestnut Club
MONDAY - SATURDAY: 5 P.M. - 2 A.M. | SUNDAY: 5 P.M. - 12 A.M.
310.393.1348 | WEBSITE

Longtime restaurant cocktail consultants Steve Livingi and Pablo Moix’s The Chestnut Club is a stripped-down lounge where bare brick walls and antique fixtures lend a certain dignified air. The club is not only home to a stunning collection of old and rare spirits—some which cost hundreds of dollars per glass—but a sharp list of spartan cocktails, like The Diamondback Lounge (Rye, Applejack and Yellow Chartreuse) and the Brighton Racecourse (a lavender-and-grapefruit-scented Gin and Tonic).

Known For
  • craft cocktails
What to drink
The Bullocks-Wilshire, a boozy blend of bourbon, dark rum, maraschino, liqueur and Cynar that's destined to become a new L.A. classic.
Santa Monica