The White Horse Trading Co.

white horse trading company seattle
Image: Yelp/Benjamin M.
EVERY DAY: 4 P.M. - 12 A.M.
206.441.7767 | WEBSITE

The White Horse isn’t exactly a dive bar. This tiny kiosk of sorts is located in an alleyway within Pike Place Market—a train wreck of tourists and screeching minors—offering a much-needed respite that sells no fish, contains no minors and has both a very friendly staff and a fireplace. The bar contains just three beers, three wines, a beer engine for cask ale, shots of sake and about as many seats as there are drink options.  It also doubles as a used bookstore and dog bar.

Known For
  • craft beer
What to drink
Whatever's in the beer engine.
Pike Place Market
Occasionally they'll sell homemade alcohol-filled truffles. Be sure to ask if they have them on offer.