Twin Peaks Tavern

twin peaks tavern gay bar san francisco
Image: Twin Peaks
MONDAY - WEDNESDAY: 12 P.M. - 2 A.M. | THURSDAY - SATURDAY: 8 A.M. - 2 A.M. | SUNDAY: 10 A.M. - 2 A.M.
415.864.9470 | WEBSITE

The first gay bar to feature plate-glass windows, Twin Peaks Tavern is a beautiful, historic place. The bar is intricately carved, the bartenders are pleasantly world-weary, and the regulars queue up as early as 8 a.m. While the nickname “Glass Coffin” sounds cruel, one quickly learns that it’s an affectionate moniker those same regulars toss around. It’s not cheap, music might not always be playing and the restroom smells like the oven from the adjacent Hot Cookie; but this landmarked bar is a national treasure, refreshingly unlike the bastions of EDM found elsewhere in the Castro.

Known For
  • historic
  • low wine markups
What to drink
If it’s foggy out, warm up with an Irish coffee. If not, you’ll feel most appropriate with a Manhattan or classic highball.
While it’s always fun to score a table in the balcony, there is no better people watching than sitting in the Twin Peaks’ windows and observing the nearby Muni entrance at rush-hour.