Wowsville Berlin dive bar
Image: Facebook/Wowsville
DAILY: 2 P.M. - 1 A.M.
+49 30 9651 2751 | WEBSITE

If you’ve ever gone record shopping after a few pints, you’ll know it’s perhaps not the best idea. But apparently no one mentioned this to Kreuzberg institution Wowsville, which doesn’t just facilitate drunken music purchases, but actively encourages them by combining a bar and record shop in the same space. Fortunately the shop closes before the bar really gets going. But even after the temptation to drop several euros on that rare new-wave 12” has been removed, the good music continues well into the early morning, as a diverse crowd knocks back moderately priced pints of cold lager in an agreeably scruffy setting.


Known For
  • cheap date
What to drink
Stick with beer or basic highballs.
There are other record shops around on Ohlauer Straße and around the corner on Reichenberger Straße, making Wowsville a good last stop on your shopping trip.