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Roger Kamholz is an editor and writer based in New York City. He has covered food and drinks for The Kitchn, Food & Wine, Serious Eats and Refinery 29, among others.

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Rediscovering Don’s “Other” Essential Tiki Mix

An essential ingredient of the Pearl Diver cocktail, Gardenia Mix—a nearly forgotten amalgam of honey, butter and spices—is finding its way back into bars.

Jäger’s Unlikely Cocktail-World Resurgence

Jägermeister—the longtime unofficial shot of bros worldwide—has quietly been making inroads in the craft cocktail community.

Is There a Better Way to Make an Egg White Cocktail?

A new technique for shaking egg white drinks—the “reverse dry shake”—has popped up in bars around the country. Does it actually lead to a superior cocktail?

The New Boom of Spirits Designed for Cocktails

Plenty of spirits are designed to be sipped on their own, but what about those developed specifically to be mixed into drinks? Here, four of the most notable “cocktail spirits” released in the last year, and how they were made.

Falernum Moves Beyond the Tiki Realm

The well-guarded tiki staple, falernum, has been steadily making a comeback. Roger Kamholz on how bartenders have taken the rum-based liqueur beyond its tropical roots.

Is There a Better Way to Make a Martini?

To shake, to stir or to throw? Each method has a dramatic effect on how a Martini tastes. Roger Kamholz on the merits and limitations of each, with help from bartenders, cocktail experts and an MIT scientist.

What’s in Your Well?

In the last 15 years, well spirits have gone from low-quality cash cows to symbols of a bar’s ethos and intentions. Roger Kamholz spoke to 25 bartenders around the country to find out just what the standard well looks like today.

Inside Kenta Goto’s Reinvention of the Japanese Cocktail Bar

In his “Bar Tripping” column, photographer Daniel Krieger travels the world to capture its most photogenic bars. This week, he steps inside New York’s Bar Goto—Kenta Goto’s new oasis of subtle, Japanese-style drinks and small plates, with a deeply personal history.

Ritual of the Shift Drink: NYC’s Employees Only

The hallowed ritual of the shift drink may take a different form at every bar, but it inevitably serves the same purpose: letting the staff exhale at the end of service. This it how it all goes down at Employees Only in New York City.

The Beer Cocktail Stealing American Hearts

The recent cult success of Stiegl’s grapefruit radler has inspired countless riffs, a website and even a Twitter rally cry. Roger Kamholz on how this shandy-like blend of citrus soda and beer is paving the way for a new category of beer and beer cocktails.