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Meet the 2019 Most Imaginative Bartender Regional Finalists

September 01, 2019

Story: Punch Staff

photo: Bombay Sapphire

Say hello to the 36 bartenders from U.S. and Canada advancing to regionals in Portland, Nashville and Philadelphia.

We are thrilled to announce the 36 bartenders who will be moving forward in the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition presented by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin regional finals in the weeks to come. To narrow the field, a special committee spent the summer journeying across the US and Canada to seek out the top 100 bartenders in their home bars. There, they scored each bartender on the imagination, balance, flavor and appearance of their cocktail. From Montreal to Honolulu, Portland to St. Pete—each bartender brought their passion, creativity and hospitality to the fore.

The following 36 bartenders will be advancing to compete in person at the regional finals in Portland, Nashville and Philadelphia; we wish them the best of luck:


Cameron Holck
Cocktail: The Downwinder
City: Portland

Estanislado Orona
Cocktail: Bomb L’Bee
City: Portland

Lydia McLuen
Cocktail: Sue’s Courage
City: Portland

Jamie Socci
Cocktail: A Thousand Ships
City: Portland

Emilio Salehi
Cocktail: In Bokeh
City: San Francisco

Christian Suzuki
Cocktail: Imaginary Folklore
City: San Francisco

Derrick Li
Cocktail: Blue Face
City: San Francisco

Shaun Dunn
Cocktail: The Solent
City: Los Angeles

Alex Jump
Cocktail: Sailor’s Paradise
City: Denver

TJ Vong
Cocktail: Miaka
City: Denver

Andrew Woodley
Cocktail: Blue Beyond
City: Honolulu

Danielle Pingert
Cocktail: Going Coastal
City: Saskatoon


Maggie Morgan
Cocktail: Southern Belle
City: New Orleans

Terance Robson
Cocktail: Home or Away
City: Austin

Nikolas Zoylinos
Cocktail: Oops I Forgot My Line
City: Austin

Alexis Mijares
Cocktail: Gitana
City: Austin

Christa Havican
Cocktail: Arms Painted in Glass
City: Houston

Marlowe Johnson
Cocktail: Market Walk
City: Detroit

Tripper Duval
Cocktail: Sea Foam Fizz
City: Milwaukee

David Yee
Cocktail: Short Story
City: Columbus

Marta Ess
Cocktail: Inward Turn
City: Toronto

Holly Caverly
Cocktail: Paper Flower
City: Toronto

Jayare Wuo
Cocktail: Martha O’Neill
City: Chicago


Edward Hansel
Cocktail: Down By The Shore
City: New York

Mark Tubridy
Cocktail: Songbird
City: New York

Arianna Shaljian
Cocktail: Wylde Flower
City: New York

Solomon Thomas
Cocktail: Sapphire Switch
City: Philadelphia

Valentino Longo
Cocktail: Through the Light
City: Miami

Derek Stilmann
Cocktail: Culture to Culture
City: Miami

Peter Hannah
Cocktail: Conversation Piece
City: Orlando

Cody Henson
Cocktail: Seaside Rendezvous
City: Savannah

Niall McCourt
Cocktail: Portrait of a Lady
City: St. Petersburg

Keyatta Mincey-Parker
Cocktail: Eve’s Pot Liquor
City: Atlanta

Sam Treadway
Cocktail: Mango Market
City: Somerville

Michael Rizk
Cocktail: Remixer
City: Montreal