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What’s It Like to Be a Bartender Right Now?

Daily dispatches from bartenders, owners and community organizers.

Dispatches from Portland

Jordan Michelman checks in with Eric Nelson (Eem), Jeffrey Morgenthaler (Clyde Common), Katie Stipe (Voysey) and Phaedra Brucato (Montesacro, Bar Rione).

Dispatches from Seattle

Jordan Michelman checks in with Brandon Paul Weaver (Liberty Bar), Dave Flatman (Screwdriver Bar) and Megan Radke (Canon).

Dispatches from Shanghai

Kara Newman checks in with Chris Lowder (Proof & Company), Yao Lu (Union Trading Company) and Colin Tait (Shake, Heyday).

Dispatches from Raleigh-Durham

Priya Krishna checks in with Sean Umstead and Michelle Vanderwalker (Kingfisher), Melissa Katrincic (Durham Distillery), Jerry McNeill (The Crunkleton) and Kim Cates (Shooters II).

Dispatches from New Orleans

Leslie Pariseau checks in with Chris Hannah (Jewel of the South, Manolito), Veronica Foxworth (The Sandpiper Lounge), Neal Bodenheimer and Kirk Estopinal (Cure, Cane & Table), Suzanne Accorsi (Pal’s Lounge) and Lisa Zumpe (The Chart Room).

Dispatches from Austin

Laurel Miller checks in with Paul Finn (Garage Cocktail Bar, Comedor), Paola Guerrero-Smith (Buenos Aires Café, The Milonga Room) and Travis Tober (Nickel City).

Dispatches from Las Vegas

Rob Kachelreiss checks in with Nathan Grates (Sand Dollar Lounge), Wyndee Forrest (Crafthaus Brewery), Maria Horta (Therapy) and James Trees (Esther’s Kitchen).

Dispatches from Los Angeles

Jamie Feldmar checks in with Courtney Kaplan (Ototo, Tsubaki), Mike Capoferri (Thunderbolt) and Katie Kildow (The Mermaid).

Dispatches from New York

Priya Krishna checks in with Santi Dady (PDT), Natasha David (Nitecap), Antonio Vilchis (Mexicocina Agaveria) and Ruairi Curtin (The Spaniard, The Bonnie, The Penrose, The Wren, Sweet Afton, Wilfie & Nell, Bua).