App Supports New Year’s Resolutions to Drink More Wine

“Set goals. Experiment. Track progress. Stay consistent.” If you’re serious about deepening your understanding of wine in 2014, Forbes suggests treating it like you would a business plan. Some new apps help users achieve personal wine goals, whether it’s getting a basic handle on the most popular grape varieties or deepening knowledge of more unfamiliar stuff. Delectable streamlines the snap-share process as it uses visual recognition software to identify wine labels, stores the information in a journal that allows rating and note-taking, and finally facilitates sharing through social networks. The app captures wine you’ve enjoyed in its original context, creating stories and longer-lasting memories: “The unusual white Priorat I love at our favorite tapas place. The high-alcohol, stiff-drink Amarone we had after a very unnerving dog rescue. The South African Chardonnay they served at the Kwanzaa celebration.” If you’re like us, you won’t need a friendly app to remind you to drink 365 days of the year, but you might find the documentation aspect extremely useful. [Forbes]