This Week’s Best Drink Reads

james murphy

Welcome to The PUNCHbowl, a weekly installment where we share our favorite longreads on all things drinks and nightlife. This week, we take a look into the effect James Murphy’s new bar is having on New York’s natural wine scene, Sonoma’s craft beer boom and Coca-Cola’s defense of sugary drinks.

In Brooklyn, The Four Horsemen—LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy’s new wine bar—has firmly planted itself as a hip place to be seen. But it’s not just another scenester spot in Williamsburg: The bar has, in a short time, made its way to the forefront of the natural and biodynamic wine movement in the city. With a slew of natural wine experts and enthusiasts behind the bar, Munchies takes a closer look at why the new spot is more than just trendy. [Munchies]

Similarly, there’s more to Sonoma than wine. Craft beer and taprooms are becoming ever more popular in California’s wine country, and even becoming destinations on their own. The Wall Street Journal visits Lagunitas Brewing Company—an epicenter for wine country’s burgeoning beer scene—as it balances business and formal tours with beer-filled parties and picnics. [Wall Street Journal]

In response to soda’s recent bad press, Coca-Cola is investing in scientists and organizations who support the idea that exercise is what helps individuals stay healthy, not what they consume. While some scientists do agree, many health experts feel that Coca-Cola is trying to deflect attention away from the role that sugary drinks have had in the spread of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. The New York Times shines a light on the current obesity blame game. [New York Times]

Dedicated weekend warriors in Washington D.C. are helping the District’s small breweries flourish, even those set up in less-frequented parts of town. Is D.C. on the precipice of becoming a beer town? The Washington Post looks closer. [Washington Post]

Filmmakers Mike Mergo and Jamie Effros decided they’d had enough with the world of “artisanal” everything. Enter their delightful satirical video about “bespoke water” that can take you on a journey, made by the Timmy Brothers from a blend of the Gowanus River and Lake Pontchartrain.  [Vimeo]

[Photo: Flickr/Matt Biddulph]