Jameson’s Barrel-Aged Beer, Cuban Rum on the Rise and the Apéritif Effect


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– As part of a program called “Drinking Buddies”, Jameson is partnering with five craft breweries across the U.S. to create limited edition barrel-aged beers using whiskey barrels from the Jameson distillery in Ireland.

– Congress is getting involved in the craft beer industry once again: a senator from Oregon has proposed a reform act that would give the government the power to define who qualifies as a craft brewer, much of which would be based on tax laws.

– A new study confirms what some people are calling “the apéritif effect,” wherein women who have a drink before eating or cooking a meal are more likely to overeat.

– Now that U.S. citizens are able to travel to Cuba, the country’s top rum producer —Havana Club—is experiencing a huge boost in sales from American tourists. We can only imagine what will happen when the product is allowed to be sold in the US marketplace.

[Photo: Flickr/Bryan Ledgard]