Belgian Beer Giant Buying up American Craft Beer

In a move that signifies America’s rise in the global craft beer market, Belgian beer giant Duvel is purchasing Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing, an American craft beer staple since its launch in the 1980s. NPR reports that while the dealmakers believe this is an exciting next step for American craft beer showing, “just how much the world now values a product with a firm sense of place,” Boulevard loyalists worry that the foreign buyout will fundamentally change their local favorite. Char O’Hara, a citizen who grew up drinking Boulevard says, “You know, like la cosa nostra, it’s our thing… It makes the future uncertain.” In response to those worried about losing the purity of the Midwestern product, “Duvel promises to help Boulevard make and sell more beer. But otherwise it pledges to pretty much just leave Boulevard alone, as it tries to strike a delicate balance between marketing Boulevard beer to the world and keeping it real at home.” Here’s to keeping it real. [NPR]