Bitter Southerner Launches “Y’all Come” Fundraiser Drive

yall come bitter southerner

Our friends over at The Bitter Southerner have been making beautiful long form journalism for exactly one year today. Each week, the web magazine publishes one in-depth story about some odd corner of Southern culture, from the profile of a chimpanzee movie star in Florida to the age-old practice of eating white dirt. Lovers of a strong cocktail, BS also has its own series of cocktails curated by bartenders from all over the South.

To continue their business, BS is inaugurated their first annual fundraiser “Y’all Come” with the invocation of their mission statement and the goals to pay their contributors and themselves. And to drink a couple of drinks along the way. As a fellow small, young web magazine, we respect these goals deeply and hope to see more fine journalism from them over the years to come.

To become part of The Bitter Southerner family, check out their membership packages (t-shirts, postcards and other cool Southern swag included). Look forward to our Drink Tank collaboration with them on Instagram over the week to come. Spread the word and stay bitter. [Bitter Southerner]