Daily News: Artificial ‘Tongue’ Can Analyze Wine, Obama Lifts Restrictions on Cuban Rum

Cuban rum

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Following its recent release in Canada, Drake’s whiskey has quickly become the top selling liquor in the country.

– In their latest edition of thematic menus, New York’s Pouring Ribbons pays tribute to literary greats from Joseph Conrad to the Brothers Grimm.

– Under new rules by the Obama administration, travelers to Cuba will be allowed to bring back unlimited quantities of rum so long as it is for personal use.

Craft beer is on the rise in South America where light, low-alcohol lagers have long comprised the majority of the market.

Scientists have developed an artificial ‘tongue’ that they claim is capable of determining the age and quality of wine.

– Finally, Thrillist analyzes the impact on consumers of craft brewery acquisitions by Big Beer brands.

[Photo: Flickr/Chris Brown]